KLM Performance Brake Lines

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KLM Performance Brake Lines

KLM Performance Kevlar Reinforced Braided Stainless Steel Brake Lines

KLM Performance Products manufactures the highest quality American Made, High-Performance Five Layer, Custom Made, Extended brake line kits available on the market today. These KLM Performance brake lines are all custom-made to meet your exact application requirements.

Why is KLM Performance the industry-leading manufacturer of custom-made brake lines?

KLM Performance brake lines are constructed using a Teflon Inner Core, which is then covered in a Kevlar reinforcing layer for added strength.
This inner Teflon tubing is encased in a Kevlar wrap which is surrounded by a 5 Layer of Braided Stainless Steel Mesh covering that is connected to the heavy duty one-piece fitting on both ends. 
The entire custom-made line is then wrapped in a UV Resistant Poly Coating in the color of your choice to ensure long life.
With KLM brake lines, you get to choose from 9 unique colors. KLM Performance Brake Lines are DOT approved and compatible with all brake fluids. 
Sold as a complete kit ready for installation, the custom-made brake lines include the brackets and hardware required for installation. These KLM brake line kits include the washers, clips, brackets, or hardware required for installation on your vehicle.

KLM Performance Products uses only the highest quality American Made components to produce their premium quality, highly respected brake lines.

Crown Performance Brake Line Features

The benefits of installing a set of 5 Layer Custom Made Stainless Steel Brake Lines are as follows:

  • Each replacement brake line kit includes all hardware required to fit your particular year, make, and model
  • KLM Performance Brake Hose Assemblies are designed to meet the Federal MVSS-106 standard.
  • The D.O.T. approved Assemblies are constructed using 60-10997 Hose.
  • The 60-10997 Hose has virtually no volumetric expansion, so the brake response is immediate.
  • Brake pedal response is quick, not "soft" as with other standard hoses.
  • Reduces stopping distance
  • Virtually eliminates Anti-Lock Brake System pedal chatter.
  • Replacement Brake Line Assemblies comply with federal regulations D.O.T. MVSS-106.
  • All brake hose assemblies are pressure tested to 4500 PSI.
  • These Replacement Brake Lines are Legal for all street and racing vehicles.
  • KLM Performance brake lines offer superior performance and greater safety.

KLM Performance Brake Lines assemblies are constructed to the following standards:

  • Rugged construction resists shock and road hazards
  • Utilizing a Kevlar braided sheath over extruded Teflon tubing
  • The Kevlar Braided Sheath is protected with a stainless steel outer sleeve
  • Abrasion and corrosion resistant to stay good looking for a long time to come
  • Assemblies using 60-10997 Hose. Virtually no volumetric expansion
  • Brake Hose Assemblies Designed To Meet MVSS-106 For D.O.T
  • Higher fitting pull-off ratings than other D.O.T. assemblies
  • Standard S.A.E. female fittings and new leader ends are available
  • New stronger one-piece designed ends
  • Utilizes standard brake fitting adapters
  • Are direct bolt-on replacements of the O.E.M. rubber brake lines
  • Brake Hose ends to match the O.E.M. fittings to ensure proper fit and easy installation
  • All assemblies are pressure tested to 4500 PSI.
  • Legal for all street and racing vehicles

When it comes to your vehicle brake system is not the place to purchase low-priced components. These custom-made KLM Performance Stainless Steel Brake Lines are hand-built for us with top-of-the-line American Made nothing components.  These replacement stainless brake line assemblies are a multilayer composition that eliminates swelling and increases brake system performance. These stainless steel brake lines provide a firmer pedal, better-stopping power, and less stopping distance.  Improved brake system response is especially important for vehicles with increased ride heights and larger wheels and tires. The larger tires and wheels add additional rotational mass in each corner and puts more stress on your vehicle's brake system. Lifted applications where larger tires and wheels put more pressure on braking components.

KLM Performance offers standard or extended length Kevlar Braided Stainless Steel Brake Lines for the following vehicles:

These high-performance replacement brake lines are truly state-of-the-art brake line assemblies that are custom-made to accommodate any lift kit or suspension system on the market. KLM Performance offers these brake lines in stock length to plus 18" over the stock length.

Have a question regarding KLM Performance brake lines for your vehicle?  Drop us a line at 203-210-7200 or contact us.

Crown Performance Products Stainless Steel Brake Lines