International Navistar Diesel Crankshaft Damper

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International Navistar Diesel Crankshaft Damper

International Navistar Harmonic Dampers

Your International / Navistar Diesel Engine uses a Crankshaft Damper, which absorbs the torsional vibrations produced by your engine. These shock waves are generated during the power stroke of each and every cylinder every time a power stroke is produced in your engine. The proper control of this twisting motion is continuously eliminated by installing a Vibratech engine damper to your crankshaft. No other engine damper controls torsional vibration on your International Diesel engine than the Vibratech viscous dampers. To ensure a long trouble-free engine we recommend replacing your damper with a Vibratech crankshaft balancer. This engine's harmonic damper prevents crankshaft breakage and damage to other related engine components. Vibratech crank dampers are the highest quality American Made damper available.

KLM Performance recommends regular damper inspection along with replacing your crankshaft damper every 300 to 500 thousand miles or at the recommended service interval. Regular inspection and replacement of the Crankshaft Damper prevent the extreme costs incurred when you break your crankshaft or the other problems caused by deteriorating damper function. Think about purchasing a new heavy duty crankshaft damper as an insurance policy against a future broken crankshaft and you will feel the engine run smoother.

KLM Performance is a master distributor for the Vibratech TVD - Torsional Vibration Dampers. Vibratech TVD is a global leader in viscous crankshaft damper manufacturing, engineering, and torsional vibration analysis for the trucking industry. Vibratech has over 70 years of viscous damper experience, and you can be assured that torsional vibrations will be controlled. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions relating to replacing your diesel engines crankshaft damper.

These Vibratech Harmonic Dampers are proudly MADE IN THE USA!