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Domestic Harmonic Dampers

Fluidampr Viscous Harmonic Balancer for domestic engines

Fluidampr harmonic crankshaft dampers are the only viscous dampers that are race-proven and built in the USA. These high performance replacement dampers are very different than your stock elastomer harmonic balancer. Fluidampr domestic performance dampers protect across a broad frequency range and can become more effective as your power level is increased. These dampers are designed as an application-specific replacement crankshaft dampers.

Signs that the OEM stock vibration damper has failed or needs to be replaced.

  • A common failure will be the outer ring separating from the hub causing damage inside the engine bay.
  • A noticeable increase in the level of in-cab vibrations.
  • The wobble of damper apparent during engine operation.
  • Dampers outer ring separating from the hub.

Due to the countless combinations of performance upgrades possibly the simplest and most cost-effective solution for controlling dangerous torsional vibrations is to install a Fluidampr high performance domestic viscous damper on your engine. By design, Fluidampr viscous vibration dampers protect your engine from torsional vibrations across a broad range of frequencies and power levels. A viscous vibration damper also continuously self-tunes in real-time to adapt to your next engine modification. The earlier a Fluidampr performance damper is installed, the more you will benefit from its protection, performance and the ability to ensure long term engine life.

What exactly does a Harmonic Balancer Do?

The harmonic balancer job is to control the destructive crankshaft torsional vibrations. These vibrations are produced with each power stroke of the engine during the combustion process. The power cycle of the engine generates a twist and rebound effect upon the engine's crankshaft which causes torsional vibrations or harmonic vibrations. Torsional vibrations are the end-to-end twisting or rebound motion exerted on the crankshaft during each power stroke. A torsional harmonic balancer controls these forces and allows for increased valve train and timing efficiency. The other benefits obtained by the installation of a viscous crankshaft damper are a reduction in the wear of critical engine components such as main bearings, oil pump and the crankshaft itself.

Fluidampr High Performance Domestic Crankshaft Damper Benefits:

  • Designed to accommodate stock to extreme power levels.
  • Will not wear out and will last the life of your engine.
  • Fluidampr torsional vibration dampers never need to be tuned or rebuilt.
  • Saves you the expense of costly rebuilds related to damper failure.
  • Viscous dampers continuously adjust in real-time to control torsional vibrations.
  • Effectively works at all power levels and engine RPMs.
  • Will reduce wear on the main bearings, timing gear, and oil pump.
  • Provides more accurate and stable valve train operation.
  • Will reduce the risk of Oil Pump Failure.
  • Lower the risk of crankshaft failure.
  • Only a Fluidampr Domestic Engine replacement dampers automatically adapt to your modifications.
  • Fluidampr vibration dampers feature precision machined and computer balanced components.
  • Approved for Racing applications with its SFI 18.1 rating.

What Makes the Fluidampr High Performance Domestic Damper the best:

  • Continuously self-tunes in real-time to the exact bandwidth of harmonics being produced by the engine.
  • Optimizes damping at both stock and peak levels.
  • Controls damaging vibrations across a broad changing frequency and rpm range.
  • These dampers are SFI Approved
  • 100% Made in the USA at an ISO 9001 Certified Facility to ensure the highest level of quality control.
  • Used by almost every top engine builder to ensure peak engine performance under the harshest conditions.

Purchase an American Made Fluidampr High Performance Harmonic Damper from KLM Performance for your Domestic V6 or V8 engine.

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