Ford Stainless Steel Brake Lines

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Ford Stainless Steel Brake Lines

KLM Performance Inc. offers the finest Custom-Made Ford Braided Stainless Steel Brake Lines for your truck.

Custom Made Ford Super Duty, Ford F-150, F-250, F-350, F-450, F-550, Ford Raptor, Ford Bronco and Ford Excursion Stainless Steel Brake Hoses

KLM Performance Braided Stainless Steel Brake Lines for the 1980 to 2018 Ford trucks. 

KLM Performance offers custom-made stainless steel brake lines as a simple way to upgrade the stopping power of your Ford truck. The most important part of moving your Ford truck is the ability to reduce your speed or stop sooner. If you are interested in increasing your brake systems performance, you can replace your Ford truck's soft spongy rubber brake lines. These Ford truck brake lines offer a dramatic improvement in brake system response, pedal feel, and shorter stopping distances.

Improving the ability to stop or slow down your Ford truck is straightforward with the installation of a custom-made set of stainless steel brake lines. If stopping your Super Duty truck is important then it's time to replace your Ford rubber brake lines. The OEM Ford rubber brake lines delay the reaction time of your truck's brake system. When you install a set of high performance braided stainless steel brake lines, there is an immediate transfer of brake fluid to the calipers without delay caused by an expanding rubber line. The OEM rubber lines expand each time the brakes are applied, causing delayed brake system response and a mushy pedal feel.

KLM Performance offers you a great variety of Custom Made Ford Truck brake lines in the exact size and color you require. All of these Ford brake lines are made to order. If Time Is Of The Essence please choose one of the Expedited Shipping Methods for faster production times.

Installation Benefits Of the Custom-Made Kevlar Stainless Steel Braided Ford Truck Brake Lines:

  • High performance braided stainless steel brake lines provide an immediate transfer of brake fluid to the calipers.
  • Stainless Steel Brake Lines eliminate the delay caused by an expanding rubber line.
  • No more mushy brake pedal feel.
  • Improved brake system response time.

These Ford brake lines come in stock replacement length to plus 12" in length to comfortably accommodate your lift kit or suspension system. KLM Performance offers all of these Ford Brake Line kits in the color of your choice. These high performance brake line kits are DOT approved as well as being MADE IN THE USA!  For a firmer pedal and faster brake system response purchase a set of the best braided stainless steel brake lines available for your Ford Super Duty truck.

These Ford Truck high performance stainless steel Kevlar braided brake lines are available for the:

KLM Performance offers all of these Ford brake hose kits with these features:

  • Custom-made to your exact requirements
  • Direct bolt-on Stainless Steel Brake Line Kits
  • Offered as an upgrade in the ultimate in braking performance.
  • These brake lines meet the strict guidelines of the D.O.T. MVSS-106 requirements.
  • Approved for street-driven vehicles and Off-Road applications.
  • Are legal in all 50 states.
  • DOT Approved Street Legal Brake Line Kits
  • Utilize a Kevlar braided sheath over extruded Teflon tubing
  • Feature stainless steel braided hoses are covering the Kevlar casing for maximum strength and protection.
  • These American Made hoses are truly state-of-the-art.
  • Contains zinc-plated fittings
  • Factory assembled for installation convenience.
  • Designed and Fabricated as a direct bolt-on replacement brake system component in most applications.
  • Each kit comes with all the necessary hardware and fittings required for installation.
  • The P.T.F.E. stainless steel hose is compatible with all grades of brake fluid.

If you don't see something listed here for your Ford truck, please give us a call. All of these high-performance Ford truck brake line kits are American-made custom Kits Made to your exact needs. These are custom-made product that requires up to Twenty Five working days for production. We are always adding new Ford products and product lines to our store, and we regularly feature special deals. So stop back soon.

Please feel free to call us at 203-210-7200 or Contact Us for additional help with Custom Made High Performance Stainless Steel Brake Line Kits for your Ford truck.