Race Gas Spring 2022 Rebate Promotion
K Kevin Kelly

Race Gas Spring 2022 Rebate Promotion

Mar 1, 2022


 Race-Gas® Announces its Direct-to-Consumer Rebate Promotion

Motorsports Fuel Equipment, the makers of Race-Gas®, the very popular line of race fuel concentrates, announces its spring promotion. From March 1 to March 31, 2022 customers will receive a $20 gift card if they purchase any two quart cans of any of its Race Fuel Concentrates. The promotion includes:

  • Race-Gas® original formula: Users can custom blend track grade racing fuel, from 93 to 105 octane, with pump gas from any gasoline station. This award-winning product is guaranteed to blend what you need, when you need it, where you need it at half the price of commercial racing fuel!
  • Race-Gas Ultra®: This formula is specifically designed for very high compression or high boost racing applications. One 32 ounce can, blended with pump gas, makes 4 gallons of 108 octane to 113 octane track grade racing fuel.
  • Race-Gas Diesel Performance Plus: Race Gas offer a product specifically designed for the diesel performance enthusiast! This diesel performance product focuses specifically on optimizing the diesel performance and improving the quality of low sulfur diesel fuel. One can per 50 gallons of diesel fuel will raise the cetane by 14 full numbers. In addition, Race-Gas Diesel Performance Plus also increases the chemical oxygen diesel fuel. Finally, there is a detergent package and a lubricant package to keep your fuel system running right. If you have a tuner, turbo, or other power adder on your diesel engine this is the product for you!

To claim your gift card, go to https://race-gas.com/forms/rebate. Upload your receipt and enter your address and we will send you a $20 gift card! Offer good in the US and Canada only. For purchases in March 2022 only. Redemption deadline April 15, 2022.

Race-Gas: How do you fuel your passion?

 NOTE: This Race Gas Consumer Rebate Applies to the purchase of the Thirty Two Ounce Cans Only!

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