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When to expect your package, or not.

Feb 25, 2021

We, the KLM Performance Team, have been doing our best to meet every customer and their automotive needs.  We are ordering, packing and shipping your orders with care and efficiency, even during a worldwide pandemic.  It’s important for you, our valuable customers, to know that despite our best efforts to get your parts as quickly as possible, we have absolutely no control over the expediency or the carrier once your order is in the hands of them.  UPS AND USPS ARE NO LONGER GUARANTEEING DELIVERY TIMES as stated in several media outlets and on their respected websites.  This pandemic has had a huge strain on an already burdened logistics system, and with illness spreading among drivers and carrier personnel, that means fewer people to deliver your packages.  We are all doing our best, but this is a completely unprecedented situation.  Since we can no longer count on our carriers to stand behind their own guarantees, we are announcing that THERE WILL BE NO REFUNDS ON SHIPPING CHARGES FOR DUE TO DELAYS ON DELIVERY DATES caused by the carriers.  Also, please keep in mind that USPS Priority mail is not an Express service and has never been a guaranteed service.  The dates listed are not guaranteed, but estimates.  If you want a guaranteed Next Day, Second, or Third day Service, you will have to pay for the expedited service and expect to see a possible additional day of delay.

We can only go by what you enter on your order, so if you are down - vehicle not running -  or in a hurry, we recommend a few things:

  • that you write that in the “notes” section of your order 
  • choose expedited service.  UPS Next Day, 2nd Day or 3 Day service.
  • call us to verify that we have the part and we can ship it right away.  
  • please read the product descriptions which will tell you if the product is on back order and if there is an expected availability date.  
  • Always wait to get all your parts in hand BEFORE scheduling shop time.


We do understand that some of you need your vehicles to do their jobs and that you need these parts as quickly as possible.  If that is the case please don’t waste our time by ordering your parts with the cheapest method, that isn’t guaranteed and then call to complain when you haven’t received them in two days.  We could be getting more orders out to customers who are willing to pay the extra $10-$20 to get their parts faster.  May we also suggest consulting  your owner’s manual and do regular maintenance and replace parts at recommended intervals instead of waiting for a failure.  Use a reputable mechanic who can do diagnostics on your vehicle and tell you when trouble is brewing before your vehicle fails to start, or breaks down.  We understand that not all failures and breakdowns can be predicted, and that is why we offer expedited shipping services.

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