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American Made Products

KLM Performance proudly offers the following reason to purchase American Made items when available!

Top Reasons to Buy American-Made Products: Foreign labor standards allow unsafe worker conditions in many countries. When you buy American, you support American manufacturers and American workers, safe working conditions, and child labor laws.

The reason why you as a consumer should purchase Products Made in America

1. Helps to Boost the American Economy

When you see signs stating sayings like “Shop Local,” it’s not just a slogan to get more sales for “Mom and Pop” shops. Shopping locally really helps to boost our economy. For one, when you purchase American-made goods, more money stays in the local economy. It has been found that when you purchase locally, twice as much money stays in this economy compared to if you purchased something made in a foreign country.

When you support local businesses and American-made goods, more money circulates in the American economy. This helps to strengthen not only American businesses but our economy. American money gets used again to make more domestic products.

Money is like the lifeblood of an economy. When it gets spent locally, the “blood” stays inside and circulates all around, helping to bring life to all it touches. But when the money is spent on foreign goods or goes to other countries, it’s like the economy starts to bleed out. Let’s try and keep as much “lifeblood” in our own communities.

2. Influence Future Business Investments

As money flows, it influences further investments. If Americans continue to spend money on American products, then more need to be made to keep up the inventory. When investors notice these goods are selling, it gives them the confidence to pour more money into that local business. It shows that people want these goods made in America and pressures investors to keep these goods and services right here. This is a win-win situation. The jobs stay here, the business stays in the USA, and more money is invested in keeping up with demand.
3. Reduce National Debt

When you support domestic businesses, that money stays in our economy and can help to reduce the national debt. The government creates debt by borrowing from businesses in the private sector or from foreign countries. It also increased the national debt by spending more than it gains in tax revenue in a fiscal year. When people shop locally, more tax money stays in the economy and goes to the government. This way, it keeps more money in our national economy and keeps more jobs located in America which also sends more taxes to the government, which can again help to reduce the national debt.

When you buy foreign goods, these companies usually have lighter tax loads or exemptions, meaning less money for the national debt, plus you’re helping to strengthen these other countries by sending more money overseas.

4. Helps the Environment

Buying products made in America helps the environment by reducing the carbon footprint. One reason is these products don’t have to travel nearly as far. Sure, you may be living in Florida, and you purchase something that is manufactured in Michigan. These goods have to travel, usually by truck, across that distance, but imagine how far something has to travel if it’s made in China. There are thousands of miles difference which adds up to much more pollution coming from transport vehicles.

Also, American companies and manufacturers are held to much higher standards in regard to pollution. American companies have to be more careful about air, land, and water pollution and have proper ways to dispose of waste. The EPA is just one company that keeps tabs on American businesses and how they get rid of waste and what they pour into the air. Also, a lot of local companies are starting to invest in alternative energies like wind and solar. Another way American companies are helping the environment and reducing the carbon footprint is by using less waste, recycling, and becoming zero-waste companies.

I’m sure, like me, you’ve seen reports or pictures of Los Angeles and the dirty clouds of pollution hanging over the city. Did you know that a large percentage of that pollution can be traced back to China? I didn’t know that either. A lot of foreign companies are not held to stringent ecological standards like American companies are.

5. Faster Production

There is something this pandemic has taught a lot of us, and that is about travel time from foreign companies and all the products that are stored in shipping ports. American-made products often are not a victim of this tragedy. Especially companies that use domestic production materials.

When you buy products that are made here, made with domestic materials, you don’t have to wait months to get them. Foreign purchased goods have to travel across oceans or countries to arrive here, and then they are stored at ports or warehouse facilities until they have been processed and approved to be shipped out; as we have seen, because of the pandemic, that can take several months.

Of course, there could be a lot of inventory sitting in warehouses, but once that inventory is gone, you have to wait for those products to come out of the shipping containers. I remember trying to buy a printer early in the pandemic. I had to travel to several different stores actually to find one. It wasted a whole day and left me feeling quite stressed. If printers were made in the USA, that wouldn’t have been such a problem.

6. More Stringent Domestic Environmental Regulations

We have the EPA, USDA, and NOAA that help to oversee environmental regulations in business, agriculture and the effect people and businesses have on the environment. These agencies make sure American businesses are doing everything they can to help the environment and protect the land. When you purchase goods and services that are made in the USA, you can be confident that you are supporting companies that care about the planet.

The big one is the EPA. This agency’s mission is to protect American health and our environment. They enforce laws intended to protect our health and reduce the risk of damage to the environment.

The NOAA helps to share knowledge with everyone that is based on changes in climate, weather, and the oceans, as well as working to conserve and manage marine ecosystems and their resources. They monitor and manage fisheries and marine commerce to make sure companies adhere to sustainable fishing and harvesting. The NOAA’s services and products help to support the economy, and they affect over a third of America’s GDP. (Gross domestic product)

The USDA helps to oversee agriculture processes, nutrition, and natural resources. These guys make sure our food is fresh, healthy, and safe to eat. They watch over the farmers, help to conserve natural resources, restore forests, and improve watersheds.

Together these agencies, along with others, make sure that American companies don’t mess up the environment and keep us as consumers safe.

7. Increase Labor Law Safety

American companies also have increased safety laws. These laws and regulations help to keep American workers safe while doing their jobs. Manufacturing plants have to supply workers with protective gear if they are working around dangerous machines, chemicals, or other things that could cause harm. Think about hard hats, steel-toe shoes, safety glasses, and more. OSHA is an agency that makes sure workers are not forced to work in unsafe conditions.

America also has child labor laws that prohibit children from being exploited for low wages, often in dangerous conditions. When you buy domestic products, you are reducing the demand from foreign countries that use some of these unsafe practices. You won’t be supporting awful conditions and sweatshops when you buy local goods.
8. Higher Quality Products

American-made products are usually higher quality products that will save you money in the long run because of their quality and long-lasting durability. With better safety regulations, you get better qualified, better-skilled workers who, in turn, make higher quality products. When people have a job they believe in, they work better, and they take pride in their jobs, which means better products as a whole. The Made in USA tag means made with quality.

9. Creates Jobs

Buying American goods creates jobs. Companies that start up in the USA need people to fill positions, so when more people shop, dine or pay for services from American companies, they need people to work. This creates jobs. As people continue to support domestic goods and services, these jobs will stay here instead of shipping them off to another country. This leads us to #10.
10. Future Generations Will Have Jobs

When you support local manufacturers, it keeps these companies here in America, meaning the jobs will stay around for future generations. More jobs that go overseas mean a tougher job market for later generations. It will be harder to find good-paying jobs, or there will be such stiff competition for jobs than could decrease; therefore, it would eventually start to weaken the local economy.

Helping to keep local manufacturers, local service providers, and such will help future generations find meaningful, quality employment.

11. Existing Jobs are Saved

Following along with the previous two, when you shop for domestic goods and services, you not only help to create jobs but also save existing jobs. Much like number 10, supporting American-made products keeps these jobs going. If you happened to read our article on American-made flags, you know that when you purchase any of those products on our list, you help to keep those flag makers working.

More orders for American-made products maintain job security. If people completely stopped buying goods or services where you work, then your job would suffer. Let’s help to keep American workers going by purchasing American products whenever we can.

12. Overseas Jobs Rarely Ever Return

How many times have you driven by old, abandoned mills or factories? I see them a lot where I’m from. When companies send jobs overseas for cheaper labor, cheaper manufacturing processes, or whatever reason, those jobs almost never come back to the states. Jobs are lost, and the economy is weakened with each lost job, each lost income, and each dollar that goes overseas.

Purchasing goods made in America can help to prevent sending these jobs away. When we shop locally, and within the USA, we send a message to manufacturers that we want better quality and we want to support our own. We want American jobs to stay here where they belong.

13. Fair Working Conditions

The USA has regulations set in the workplace that help to reduce accidents, provide fair working conditions, and increase worker safety. Employers are required to pay you for your time and offer reasonable overtime when working more than 40 hours a week. There are also laws providing for breaks during the workday and allowing for time off when needed.

Foreign countries may not have such safety regulations in place. Not to mention, some places might force people to work longer hours for meager pay. When you buy American-made goods, you should feel good that you are actually helping someone make a living in safer working conditions than overseas.

14. No Foreign Political Debates

Right now, we are facing a crisis with one country as it is currently invading another country. I’m sure there are none of us who want to help fund that war. When you shop domestically, you don’t have to worry about foreign political agendas and if you’re supporting an unethical country.

Buying objects that are made here removes obstacles and barriers from areas where relationships may be feeling strained. You are hit with extra fees because of tariffs, sanctions, or other politically motivated price increases. When you shop for American-made items, you also don’t inadvertently support foreign policies that are unethical. Buying products made in overseas countries could be helping to fund their conflicts, wars, or other schemes we’d rather not help out.

15. Boost Domestic Investments

Spending money on American goods sends a clear message to investors. It tells them that we want goods that are made and manufactured domestically. When we let them know this loud and clear, they, in turn, boost domestic investments. These investments in American companies boost our economy. This way, even more money stays at home, where it can be used for many purposes. This money then translates into tax money to help reduce debt, increase infrastructure, and build up the economy.

Each dollar that is invested in American manufacturing and production equals nearly double the economic activity. Let’s keep that ball rolling and work to keep America strong and as independent as possible.

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16. American Independence

When we support American industries, we also strengthen hometown independence. The more products we can make at home, the more goods and services we can produce on our own soil, which helps America to grow stronger. We stop relying so heavily on foreign countries to make and supply us with everything we need. What happens if suddenly we don’t get along with a country that makes something essential? All of a sudden, we can’t get that product, but if it’s made in America, we bypass that barrier altogether.

17. Keep Hometown Communities Thriving

We’ve all seen what happens when communities start to fade away because there isn’t enough business to keep the area going. It can be distressing to see empty streets and closed-up shops because that town or community has started failing.

Shopping local and spending your money on American goods helps to keep local communities thriving. It keeps jobs in the area, which in turn keeps money flowing through the community. They stay strong and healthy, and local shop owners and manufacturers truly do appreciate your support.

18. Decrease Crime

There’s no way to eradicate all crime completely, but when people have consistent jobs and a steady source of income, they are less likely to turn to crime to fend for themselves. A lot of robberies and theft are crimes of desperation. When people have a solid income and are able to support themselves, they don’t have to resort to crime to try and provide or survive.

19. Product Regulation Standards

I’m sure all of us remember the hazardous chemicals in baby formula, drywall from foreign countries that caused health issues, and finding out that many toys had the lead in the paint. In the United States, we have product regulation standards that prohibit using dangerous or harmful chemicals. Products have to be stringently tested for safety before being allowed onto the market.

Most foreign manufacturers don’t have to worry about these regulations, or if they do, they’re not as strict as ours. I’m not saying that anything you purchase from overseas is dangerous or will make you sick, but when you purchase American-produced items, there are more regulations in place to help to prevent such dangers.

20. Fewer Recalls

With American-made products, you see fewer recalls. This is because we have better manufacturing practices and quality control standards in place, and Americans tend to have much more pride in their work. Better manufacturing means fewer recalls and products that work as expected and perform as they are intended.

21. Fair Wages

This goes along with sweatshop labor and countries that don’t pay fair wages to their workers. In America, we at least have a minimum wage, and since the pandemic, jobs that are usually paid less are starting to increase. Shopping for American-made goods gives you better peace of mind when it comes to honest pay for an honest day’s work.

A lot of foreign manufacturers pay their workers much lower wages. That’s why some big companies continue to move jobs overseas. The workers in these predicaments have to work much harder, work longer hours, and oftentimes in unsafe conditions to make ends meet.

22. Not Supporting Unfriendly Countries

We, as proud, red-blooded Americans, don’t want to support countries that threaten or are threatened by our freedoms and way of life. When you buy products from countries that are unfriendly to the USA, you inadvertently support them. Purchasing products from unfriendly countries adds money to their income and their regime and can add money and supplies to their armies.

To get away from supporting countries that are against the United States, look for the Made in America tag on the products that you buy. We know it’s difficult, but little steps can make a big difference if more people are aware and do what they can to help our great country.

23. Faster Delivery Times

Shipping from overseas not only takes a lot of travel time because of the distance products have to travel, but whenever anything comes in from another country, the products need to be cleared by customs before they can go anywhere. Depending on the backlog, this can take weeks. Since the pandemic hit, this process has gone even slower.

Let’s break it down just a little bit. Let’s say you are waiting on something you ordered to come from China. If the product is too big, too heavy, or something hazardous that is banned from a flight, it will have to arrive via ocean freighter. Products coming from China can take anywhere from 33 to 65 days to arrive at the port. Then, if everything is running smoothly, there is no backlog, there are plenty of workers present, and it can take another 3 to 8 days to be cleared by customs. The products then need to be shipped to a processing plant, unpacked, sorted out, and sent via freight truck, most likely which can tack on another several days. If everything runs as efficiently as possible, the consumer can expect to get their product in about 6 to 8 weeks.

Buying from American companies cuts that time down dramatically. Depending on what you purchase, where it’s located, and the inventory in stock, you could get your products in a few days. They don’t have to deal with customs, overcrowded ports, and all that. They make the product and send it out via a shipping company, and you don’t have to wait months to get your order.

24. Better Customer Service

A lot of American companies have home-based customer service. When you call these people up, they usually have more knowledge about these products. They can answer your questions properly because they know their products.

The customer service tech on the other end is typically friendlier as well. They know how to get the customer what they need, give them the answers, and fix whatever problems may arise. A lot of companies based in America really spend a lot of time obsessing about great customer service because they know if you have a negative experience with customer service, you’ll most likely take your business somewhere else.

25. Improved Customer Satisfaction

When you buy a product that is made with a higher standard of quality, made with better materials, and from people that take pride in their job, you will have a better experience with that product. Meaning you are a satisfied customer. Have you ever ordered something, only to get it home and find out that it was made with cheap materials and broke soon after the purchase? It’s a frustrating experience that leads to an unsatisfied customer.

American goods are typically better made, which means improved customer satisfaction compared to foreign imports.

26. Improved American Infrastructure

Taxes are utilized to improve our roadways, our schools, emergency services, and many more vital areas of our infrastructure. When you buy American-made, you are keeping those tax dollars in the local economy, which helps to fund and improve the community. Roads are able to be fixed and repaved if needed. Schools are in better shape and have more supplies to teach our kids better, and everyone has better access to fire stations, EMTs, and police.

Not only are you helping, but the business you buy from pays taxes that add up, and the people who all work at the company also contribute to the local economy. That’s just another reason to buy American-made goods and services whenever you can. One small purchase goes way beyond you, and it’s a far-reaching benefit.

27. Create Entrepreneurship

Another reason to buy from American companies is it helps to foster entrepreneurship. When more Americans are willing to buy from domestic companies and businesses, then more people are willing to invest in their own businesses. When there is a demand, a supply will rise to meet it. This helps to foster the entrepreneurial spirit. These small businesses are often part of the backbone of local communities. When more businesses are opened and sustained in America, they help strengthen the economy and the United States.

Conclusion of why purchasing American Made Products is in your best interests:

While you may end up spending more on American-made goods, that is because of the higher standards these products are made from. Most Americans are willing to spend a little more for better products that are made right here. In fact, one study suggests that we are willing to pay 20% more for American products. That little bit of extra money goes to help pay higher wages to American workers so that they can be independent. It provides tax money to help the infrastructure, and every dollar you spend on domestic goods and services is like a life-boosting injection straight into the bloodstream of America.

You can feel good about getting unsurpassed goods and services as well as helping to foster independence and strengthen the American way. Who knew that looking for that “Made in America” tag had so many amazing benefits?