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Mag-Hytek Automatic Transmission Pans

MAG-HYTEC Transmission Pans

MAG-HYTEC designs and manufactures the best Aluminum Transmission Pans for the Ford Powerstroke, GM Duramax, and Dodge Cummins diesel applications.

MAG-HYTEC'S transmission pans can provide more capacity and the ability to shed heat far more efficiently than a steel pan for the maximum cooling effect. These magnet drain plug acts as a filter to capture metal shavings from wear, allowing the fluid to be cleaner and extending component life. MAG-HYTEC products are covered by a lifetime limited warranty to the original owner against defects in parts and workmanship. Overheating of the transmission fluid is one of the most common reasons people give when asked why their automatic transmission had an issue. The ability to lower your vehicle's transmission temperature by even a few degrees without running into the danger zone can have profound effects on the life of your transmission. Bringing operating temperatures closer to the low end of normal will preserve component life, extend fluid life, and relax nervous gauge watchers. One often-overlooked way of lowering engines operating temperature is to improve the automatic transmission fluids cooling. The engine and transmission are locked together, and unless you’ve added an external transmission cooler, your transmission fluid is running through or in front of your radiator. Because the transmission fluid is cooled by a small OEM cooling system it now sheds its heat in front of your radiator, bringing additional heat to your engine's coolant.

Maghytek has proven that having the extra fluid capacity and an aluminum transmission pan with heat-sink fins will help cool off the transmission fluid in a far more effective manner than an OEM steel pan. The installation of a high performance deep dish or regular depth aluminum pan is fairly simple. ATF or Automatic Transmission Fluid life is shortened by half if the transmission is running at temperatures exceeding 200 degrees, so even reducing the temperature by 10 degrees can make a difference. The ease of swapping out your steel transmission pan for an aluminum pan with improved cooling makes this upgrade this well worth doing, especially for those of you planning on racing or towing.

Automatic Transmission Fluid Life Expectancy Versus Temperature Range

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