Baja Designs IR Infrared Lights

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Baja Designs IR Infrared Lights

Baja Designs Infrared Lighting For Vehicles

Baja Designs offers high performance LED IR lights for off-road trucks, UTVs, and ATVs. Baja Designs is The Scientists of Lighting provide Infrared Illuminators that produce light in the infrared spectrum for high performance night operations with Night Vision Goggles.

Baja Designs military Infrared IR LED lights to provide a high powered covert IR light source which is used to enhance night vision capabilities for vehicle lighting or boat. With the installation of IR Led Lights your, hunting and security lighting applications will become more efficient and productive. The Baja Designs Infrared LED lights are available in both 850nm and 940nm spectrums.

Baja Designs Military Infrared Lighting

For infrared Auxillary LED lights to provide the power and strength required to meet whatever the road throws at it. With more than 20 years of off-road lighting experience, the infrared lights at Baja Designs provide powerful IR light and off-road durability.

The Baja Designs military infrared LED lights are a premium American Made product that is now available for residential sale.

NOTE: IR or Infrared Light is not visible to the Human Eye. Night Vision Goggles must be used for this light to become visible to the human eye!

Infrared radiation, or simply infrared or IR, is electromagnetic radiation (EMR) with longer wavelengths than those of visible light, and is therefore invisible, although it is sometimes loosely called infrared light. It extends from the nominal red edge of the visible spectrum at 700 nanometers (frequency 430 THz), to 1 mm (300 GHz although people can see infrared up to at least 1050 nm in experiments[. Most of the thermal radiation emitted by objects near room temperature is infrared. Like all EMR, IR carries radiant energy and behaves both like a wave and like its quantum particle, the photon.

Infrared was discovered in 1800 by astronomer Sir William Herschel, who found a type of invisible radiation in the spectrum lower in energy than red light, using its effect on a thermometer.[6] Slightly more than half of the total energy from the Sun was eventually found to arrive on Earth in the form of infrared. The balance between absorbed and emitted infrared radiation has a critical effect on Earth's climate.

Infrared radiation is emitted or absorbed by molecules when they change their rotational-vibrational movements. It excites vibrational modes in a molecule through a change in the dipole moment, making it a useful frequency range for the study of these energy states for molecules of the proper symmetry. Infrared spectroscopy examines the absorption and transmission of photons in the infrared spectrum.

Infrared radiation is used in industrial, scientific, and medical applications. Night-vision devices using active near-infrared illumination allow people or animals to be observed without the observer being detected. Infrared astronomy uses sensor-equipped telescopes to penetrate dusty regions of space such as molecular clouds, identify objects such as planets, and to view highly red-shifted objects from the early days of the universe.[8] Infrared thermal-imaging cameras are used to detect heat loss in insulated systems, to observe changing blood flow in the skin, and to detect overheating of electrical apparatus.

Thermal-infrared imaging is used extensively for military and civilian purposes. Military applications include target acquisition, surveillance, night vision, homing, and tracking. Humans at normal body temperature radiate chiefly at wavelengths around ten μm (micrometers). Non-military uses include thermal efficiency analysis, environmental monitoring, industrial facility inspections, remote temperature sensing, short-ranged wireless communication, spectroscopy, hunting, and weather forecasting.

Why do Baja Designs offer some IR Illuminators which project light at 850 NM and other IR Illuminators at 940 NM?

The Baja Designs IR lights using the 850 nm wavelength is standard for most military and hunting applications. This 850 nm light source does produce a faint red glow, but otherwise, it remains invisible to the naked eye. Most of the true Day/Night cameras with removable IR cut filter have great sensitivity to 850nm wavelength, that’s why they are so widely used for IR illumination.

The Baja Designs IR lights using the 940 nm wavelength offer the advantage of being completely invisible for a further reduction of signature.

Baja Designs Vehicle Night LED Driving

The Baja Designs military infrared LED lights and Infrared Laser lights provide a high-powered covert Infra-Red light source. These Infra-Red Illuminators will enhance your night vision capabilities for whatever application you need them for. These IR Lights are commonly used for vehicle lighting, hunting, and security lighting applications. Baja Designs offers these Infrared LED lights are available in both 850nm and 940nm to meet your specific requirements. Through rigorous field testing and scientific-grade capabilities, Baja Design infrared light sources outperform the hundreds of other infrared lights on the market. The Squadron 940nm is the exclusive light of the Polaris M-RZR and Dagor.

Baja Designs High-Quality Infrared Vehicle Lights

The Baja Designs infrared LED light kits offer the highest-quality, high power output lights to light up the terrain ahead of you. Improve your nighttime navigation with the purchase of the Baja Designs IR Lights to provide the illumination required for the road ahead of you. You can also rest assured knowing that your lighting application is stealthy as it offers only a faint red glow. Go secretly into the night and see without being seen with any of our vehicle infrared lighting sources.

Baja Designs Infrared Driving Technology

With the purchase of any Baja Designs product, you will also receive many industry-leading advantages. The Baja Designs a satisfaction guarantee with your new infrared light source plus a limited lifetime warranty and the support of the KLM Performance customer service team.

Some of the technology exclusively found in the Baja Designs Infrared Lighting for Vehicles includes:

Baja Designs uService® Lens Feature

Baja Designs unique use of O-ring seals instead of silicone allows users to change their beam pattern and lenses with ease. Other LED lights are silicone sealed so their patterns are not customizable and a rock chip requires you to return the light to the manufacturer for service or purchase an entirely new light. On the other hand, if a Baja Designs lens happens to become scratched or you need a different light pattern, simply unscrew the Baj Designs water and dustproof lens and custom O-ring seal and install the replacement parts to get you up and running again.

Baja Designs ClearView® Lens Feature

With more useable patterns than any other manufacturer, ClearView® provides you with light for every zone and a scientific method to the madness. ClearView™ is our proprietary optics, which are computer designed in-house by Baja Designs’ team of racing engineers who have first-hand knowledge of the lighting needs of all types of drivers and riders. Each new optic is meticulously prototyped in-house and personally tested and perfected by Alan Roach, Baja Designs Engineer, Founder, and Racer.

Baja Designs Moisture Block™ Lens Feature

O-ring seals and proprietary cord technology make BD lights completely waterproof, rainproof, dustproof, submersible, and washable. O-ring seals are considerably more effective at blocking water than the beads of silicone. Baja Designs also integrates the patented MoistureBlock™ technology on all of its power cords. The MoistureBlock™ technology completely stops water from wicking its way up the cord and into the light. Even if you cut the connector off, your light is still waterproof, and you won‘t void your warranty.

Baja Designs CopperDrive® Management Feature

Baja Designs CopperDrive LED management system integrates next-generation circuit board and driver technology to run high powered LEDs at 100% power output level safely. Four levels of thermal management transfer LED heat up to 3000% more efficiently and provide an extra layer of vibration isolation creating the highest performing and longest lasting LED light on the market.

Baja Designs offers industry-leading lights produced from the passion and dedication of its owners and employees. The Baja Designs product line is dedicated to being BRIGHTER, BOLDER, and BETTER, which is why we truly are “The Scientists of Lighting.” Since the beginning, we have engineered revolutionary ways to stay at the forefront of motorcycle and automotive lighting. Discover the Baja Designs difference with their American-made products including infrared LED and laser light applications.