Baja Designs Laser Lighting

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Baja Designs Laser Lighting

Laser Lighting From Baja Designs

Baja Designs The Scientists Of Lighting have done it again! 

The introduction in January of 2019 of the Baja Designs OnX6 Hybrid LED and Laser Light Bars has been a complete game-changer in High-Efficiency Long Rage illumination. It is common knowledge that Baja Designs is always at the forefront of incorporating the latest technology into there Offroad lights. Baja Designs has now released a series of new products to meet your lighting needs for your next off-road adventure.

The new Baja Designs Laser Lights are currently available in the following series of High Performance Laser Lights:

Why do you need to install a Baja Designs Laser Light on your vehicle?

  • This laser technology offered by only by Baja Designs employs technology that differs significantly from existing LED technology.
  • Baja Designs Laser Lights are the ultimate long-distance light available.
  • The Baja Designs Laser Lights provide an extremely fine blue laser beam that produces an extremely tight 1.5° beam pattern.
  • These Laser lights produce a highly concentrated beam of long-distance that travels up to 350% farther than leading LED technology
  • Only this Laser technology creates a tighter pattern than is possible with even the most advanced LEDs available.
  • All of the Baja Designs Laser light use laser chips that feature two tiny eye-safe laser diodes. 
  • Baja Designs Laser Light provides a way to stay ahead of the competition.
  • Baja Designs offers these Laser lights for your casual adventures or a competitive race.
  • The installation of a Baja Designs Laser light provides the means for you to stay ahead of the competition with the long-distance lighting you need to travel safely at high speeds.
  •  If you need the farthest-reaching spotlight for long-distance or high-speed applications, the Laser lights will meet your exact lighting needs! 

Only Baja Designs produces High Performance American Made Laser Lights