Baja Designs Rear Tail Lights - RTL Light Bars.

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Baja Designs Rear Tail Lights - RTL Light Bars.

Rear Tail Light LED Light Bars

Baja Designs developed this RTL-S Rear Tail Light bars to increase safety and driver awareness for all vehicle's on the road, racecourse, or trail. This rear-facing LED light bar offers an excellent way to mark your position and illuminate the area in the rear of your vehicle.

The Baja Designs RTL 30" Light Bar is the ideal accessory to brighten up your off-road experience. With its long-lasting LED light, you will be sure to get up to 50,000 hours of light, and its durable construction is designed to last in any terrain. Enjoy the safety of a light bar without compromising the quality and power you desire.

This rear-facing tail light is a slim and sleek LED Light Bar built with the proprietary MoistureBlock Technology, Lifetime Warranty, and the highest quality of components. With a choice of two different sizes, these rear-facing light bars will fit on almost any vehicle. These RTL series light bars work for the recreational enthusiast looking for more safety on the trail, or for racers powering through the course.

Why should I purchase a Rear Tail Light for my vehicle? 

The Baja Designs RTL Light Bar provides the increased visibility you need for the safe operation of your vehicle.  With its integrated flashing amber turn signals, a running light, brake light, and white work or cargo light, this bar is a must for all enthusiasts looking for extra safety.

Baja Designs offers two different series of these RTL Light Bars to meet your needs.

The RTL-M Six Inch Rear Tail Light Models

  • Baja Designs 100601 6 Inch Light Bar RTL-M
  • Baja Designs 100602 6 Inch Light Bar RTL-M No Plate Light

The RTL Thirty Inch Rear Tail Light Bar Model Options

  • Baja Designs 103001 RTL-B Features: Running Light - Flashing Amber - Brake Light - Blue Safety Light used to designate slower-moving vehicles.
  • Baja Designs 103002 RTL Features: Running Light - Brake Light - White Cargo Area Illumination Light - Amber
  • Baja Designs 103003 RTL-G Features: Running Light - Brake Light - Flashing Amber Green Safety Light - used to designate slower-moving vehicles in California Racing events.
  • Baja Designs 103004 RTL-S Features: Running Light - Brake Light - Flashing Amber Turn Signals, White Work/Cargo Light
  • Baja Designs 103005 RTL-W Features: Running Light - Brake Light - Flashing Amber and Solid Amber Light - Larger White Center Section to Provide Cargo or Work Area Illumination.

Baja Designs RTL - Rear Tail Light Wiring Requirements and Installation:

NOTE: All of the Baja Designs lighting products require connection to a Twelve Volt power supply. This requires the purchase of a wiring harness that will meet the requirements of your application. Please see the Baja Designs Wire Harness collection as a wire harness is not included with the purchase of the light will likely be required.

For additional technical details on this product including a wiring diagram, mounting hardware diagram, and detailed warranty information, please see the Baja Designs RTL Data Sheet.

All Baja Designs Products are proudly MADE IN THE USA!