Baja Designs Wire Harness

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Baja Designs Wire Harness

Baja Designs Wiring Harnesses

Baja Designs Wiring Harnesses

The Baja Designs lighting solutions are sold without wiring harnesses. The reason why Baja Designs sells its light without a harness is to allow you to custom-tailor the LED lights to your particular application. You can find all of the available wire harnesses and splitters available from Baja Designs on this product page. The use of a factory-certified Baja Designs wire harness eliminates the frustration that often comes when wiring a set of auxiliary lights. When you choose a Baja Designs wiring harness, you take the guesswork out of your light installation job and cut down on your Auxillary Light installation time. The wiring harness is designed to power up one or more 12 Volt auxiliary lights with a stated maximum wattage draw. The wire harness includes a built-in relay to ensure proper installation.

What Does A Baja Designs Wire Harness Do?

The Wire Harness is used to provide power to or from each individual light or splitter. The Harness has a male and female end. These Wire Harnesses are available in multiple sizes and configurations to meet your exact needs. 

Baja Designs Wire Harness or Wiring Harness Benefits:

  • The use of a Baja Designs Wire Harness provides a straightforward way to install your lights rapidly.
  • Correct Length Harness to meet your exact needs.
  • Wire Harness has the proper gauge wire to meet the light's power supply requirements.
  • Weather Pac Connectors ensure a corrosion-free seal.
  • Baja Designs wiring harness draws power directly from battery terminals.
  • The wire harness Includes a relay switch.
  • They are built to accommodate your vehicle-specific application.
  • The harness takes all of the guesswork out of the installation process.
  • These are Premium quality harnesses that are suited for race applications.
  • Harness Includes battery ring terminals, fuse, momentary switch, and sheathing.
  • Reduce installation time by using custom-made wiring harnesses designed for your Baja Designs light.
  • Select harnesses include a Toggle switch for On/Off and/or Momentary button for dust and strobe modes that are integrated features of select Baja Designs LED Lights.

What does a Splitter Do?

The use of a Splitter Kit is the best way to safely and securely install an additional light into an existing wire harness. A Splitter will speed the installation of new lights wherever they require additional lighting.

Baja Designs Universal Wiring Harness Splitter Kit benefits:

  • Splitter kits allow you to run additional lights on a single circuit.
  • To run three lights with the Universal Wiring Harness, you would need one splitter kit.
  • To run four lights, you would need two splitters.  

If you have any questions about what Baja Designs wire harness to use, please call us at 203-210-7200 or Contact Us for more wire harness information.

All of the Baja Designs Wire Harness products are MADE IN THE USA!