Brake Systems

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Brake Systems

KLM Performance Offers high performance aftermarket components to improve your brake system performance.

Brake system upgrades offer you an easy way to obtain dramatic improvements in the way the braking system on your vehicle performs. These high-performance upgrades are a very popular way to improve your vehicle's stopping ability. Brake system upgrades allow you to shorten your stopping distance without the additional expense of purchasing larger wheels, tires, calipers, and rotors. Original Equipment wheels are not designed for installing larger brake components. Clearance and cost are the main issues that prohibit this type of brake system upgrade.

These brake system upgrades offered by KLM Performance are comprised of installing a high-performance brake pad and or custom made set of stainless steel brake lines. The installation of one or both of these upgraded components will improve your stopping ability and add the additional safety measure you need.

KLM Performance Brake System Upgrades:

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