Cummins Serpentine Belt Tensioners

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Cummins Serpentine Belt Tensioners

Serpentine Belt Tensioner

KLM Performance stocks these OEM Cummins replacement belt tensioners for the Cummins 3.9L, 5.9L, and 6.7L diesel engines.

When your Cummins engine needs a new serpentine belt tensioner, there's a genuine advantage to using a Genuine part. These belt tensioners are designed to work efficiently in every kind of operating condition. Every replacement belt tensioner is engineered with the latest improvements, built and tested to meet Cummins rigid quality standards. Plus, they come with full warranty coverage for all Cummins engines. For dependability and long-lasting value, you can't beat a Genuine Cummins part.

Cummins diesel engines use a spring-loaded belt tensioner to keep the serpentine belt pulled tight. The belt tensioner is considered a wear item and requires inspection at your regular service intervals. The belt tensioner is spring-loaded pulley designed to keep constant tension on the serpentine belt as it works its way through the maze of engine pulleys. Over time, the tensioner spring can weaken or break, allowing the serpentine belt to come loose.

Signs your Serpentine Belt Tensioner is failing:

Listen for squealing noises with the engine running. While there are many causes for squealing sounds within a motor, a bad belt tensioner is a likely culprit. Usually, you will hear the squealing when the engine is idling, and this noise will fade away as the engine revs up.
Watch the belt and belt tensioner while the engine is running. A lousy belt tensioner spring will often cause the tension arm to bounce up and down with the cycling of the motor. A worn belt tensioner makes the belt wobble as the engine runs. These are definite signs that the tensioner needs to be replaced.

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