Cummins Water Pumps

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Cummins Water Pumps

Cummins Replacement Water Pumps

What does the water pump do?

The water pump in your Cummins diesel engine is designed to push coolant from the radiator through the entire coolant system.

The engine's coolant travels from the engine to the radiator where the temperature of the fluid is reduced by the air passing over the radiator.

Your internal combustion engine generates a vast amount of heat.

To offset the heat output produced by friction and combustions in the engine, a water pump is used to pump coolant throughout tubes and passages in the block, flowing around the sides of the cylinder walls and liner.

The water pump pushes the heated coolant to the radiator where it is then dissipated.

The engine heat that the coolant has absorbed is pushed to the radiator by the engine's water pump.

This heated coolant then releases the temperature using the radiator as the heat transfer vessel.

Without the water pump functioning properly, the coolant sits in the system.

The engine is likely to overheat, which can cause severe engine damage. Your engine's Water Pump is considered a worn item that has a limited lifespan.

A properly functioning water pump is vital to the lifespan and performance of your engine. An engine that has overheated can lead to serious issues with your diesel engines.

The engine's coolant pump or water pump is a critical piece of machinery, responsible for delivering the coolant through the engine.

If you want to avoid problems and keep your engine running you’ll need a reliable water pump to make sure the coolant temperature in your engine stays within the normal operating range. regulated.

The Water Pump in your Cummins diesel engine should be inspected and or replaced at the recommended service interval.

KLM Performance offers a large selection of OEM Cummins replacement water pumps ready for immediate shipment for the OEM Cummins 3.9L, 5.9L, 6.7L, ISB, QSB, ISF, QSF, and B Series Diesel Engines.

If it's time to replace your water pump and you have a question, please feel free to contact us or call us.