Dodge Adjustable Track Bars

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Dodge Adjustable Track Bars

Dodge Ram Track Bar or Pan Rod Bar

These Adjustable Pan Rod Bars are available for the 1994 to 2017 Dodge Ram trucks. The track bar or panrod bar is used to hold the frame of your Dodge Ram truck in relation to the front axle. When you install a suspension system or a lift kit on your Dodge truck, you alter the position of the front axle to the frame. The front axle will shift position from the driver's side towards the passenger side. The misaligned axles are noticeable with lifts over  2.0 inches. If your Dodge Ram truck's ride height is already raised, take a look at the front axle to see if the tires are centered underneath the body on both the passenger and driver side of the vehicle.

What an Adjustable Track Bar Does in regards to Axle Alignment:

The installation of an adjustable track bar will allow you to realign your front-end track alignment to get it within the factory specifications. These adjustable Dodge Ram pan rod bars are for vehicles with stock ride heights up to 9" of additional lift. These bars use the factory mounting points and can easily be installed using factory hardware. Adjustment of the position of the front axle is easy because changes are made right on the truck without having to remove the bar. These Bars come complete with durable bushings to help minimize deflection and prevent the axle from moving left to right.

KLM Performance features the Icon Vehicle Dynamics and Synergy Manufacturing Dodge Ram adjustable track bars. These replacement track bars are a proven and durable answer to the concerns of the Dodge Ram truck owner. Adjustable track bars solve the problems of Death Wobble, front end shudders, banging and popping noise in the front end and uneven tire wear resulting from incorrect alignment issues.

These Dodge truck adjustable track Bars are proudly MADE IN THE USA!