FASS HD Series Replacement Pumps

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FASS HD Series Replacement Pumps

KLM Performance stocks the full line of FASS replacement pumps and motors for your FASS Heavy Duty / FASS 150 / HD Fuel Air Separation Systems. 

These FASS replacement pumps are specifically designed for use on the following Fuel Air Separation Systems:

  • FASS HD Series Series Fuel Air Separation System
  • FASS Heavy Duty Series Fuel Air Separation System.
  • FASS 150 Series Fuel Air Separation System.
  • FASS Versatile Series Fuel Air Separation System.

These FASS Replacement pumps are available with flow rates of 95 to 260 gallons per hour. The FASS motors are available in two different series of pumps designed for low fuel pressure and high fuel pressure applications. These FASS Replacement Motor and Pump assemblies are for the FASS Fuel pumps with the RED bodies. The purchase of one of these FASS RPHD replacement pumps will get you running again so you can get back on the road.

Replacement Motor and Pump Assemblies For The FASS HD / FASS 150 / FASS Versatile Series Pumps:

KLM Performance also offers all of the replacement filters you need for the FASS HD / FASS 150 / FASS Versatile Series Pumps:

NOTE: All FASS Pumps are a Special Order item and cannot be returned for exchange or credit. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding what FASS motor you need for your FASS Fuel Pump or Fuel Air Separation System.

VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure to fill out your product registration form and return the original form to FASS Fuel Systems within 30 days of purchase accompanied by a copy of the purchase receipt. Complying with these guidelines will qualify you for the Extended Warranty.

If you have any questions regarding the correct replacement motor and their applications, please feel free to contact us or give us a call at 203-210-7200 for assistance. Please be advised that these FASS Pumps will not work on the 1st Generation FASS HD Series Pumps created. The replacement of a FASS Pump and Motor Assembly is very easy and can be done in a short period without removing your filter assembly or any fuel lines.

FASS offers a Four-Year Manufacturers Warranty on their replacement motors for the 150 series, HD Series, and Versatile series lift pump with the RED fuel pump bodies. To be covered by the FASS Warranty, you must purchase your FASS Replacement from a FASS VIP Dealer or Distributor and send in the registration within 30 days to receive your warranty.

All FASS Replacement Motors is a special order item and cannot be returned for exchange or credit. Please contact us if you have a question about the part needed for your FASS Lift Pump!

All of the FASS Fuel Systems replacement pumps are MADE IN THE USA!