Fleetguard Nanonet Advanced Filtration Media

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Fleetguard Nanonet Advanced Filtration Media

Fleetguard® Filters with NanoNet Media.

Cummins Filtration introduced the NanoNet™ filter media as a revolutionary nanotechnology-based filtration media for maximum protection of your engine and its vital components.

The NanoNet filtration media provides the most advanced filter media to provide the best-known defense from contaminants in fuel oil, engine oil, hydraulic oil, and air to help keep your fuel injection equipment healthy. Maintaining a clean fuel system is critical in order to meet increasingly tough standards for modern diesel engines.

With the introduction of the NanoNet media, filtration fibers are now entirely sub-micron in specific layers and can even approach an average size of 0.25 microns. To keep things in perspective, human hair is roughly 70 microns. That’s ten times larger than the average StrataPore fiber and at least 100 times larger than the size of the average NanoNet fiber.

If keeping your engine running at its optimum performance level is vital, then using the Fleetguard Nanonet filters will keep you on the road.

Fleetguard Nanonet Diesel Fuel Filters

To help keep your fuel injection equipment healthy, you must maintain a clean supply of diesel fuel. Maintaining a clean fuel system is critical in order to meet increasingly tough standards for modern diesel engines.

Do you want a diesel fuel filter that protects your fuel injection system while protecting your injectors better throughout the filter’s service interval? • is it not affected by water in fuel like conventional cellulose filters? • traps and retains contaminants even under real-world vibration and flow surge? • can extend service intervals, maintain high efficiency, and reduce downtime and maintenance costs? NanoNet advanced media technology provides the absolute best in fluid filtration performance, so you can depend on your equipment to get the job done every time.

Contaminated Diesel Fuel

Problem: Tougher Standards Require Cleaner Fuel. Today’s tougher governmental regulations mean fuel systems have to be more efficient (better fuel economy while maintaining lower emissions). These stringent standards have led to the use of High-Pressure Common Rail (HPCR) fuel injection systems which require ultra-clean fuel. HPCR systems are more susceptible to damage by contaminants because of smaller component clearances, meaning that clean fuel is more important than ever.

Solution: Cleaner Fuel with NanoNet. NanoNet advanced media provides the best-known defense from contaminants in fuel to help keep your fuel injection equipment healthy. 

Contaminated Fuel or Dirty fuel is a commonly increasing problem across the world, causing major concern for today’s precision engines. Global fuel analyses demonstrate that fuel contamination levels have doubled over the past several years. In 3.8 liters (1 gal.) of fuel, the average contamination level of particles greater than 4 microns is over 18 million. Because fuel cleanliness is largely unregulated, fuel system providers and engine manufacturers are forced to develop countermeasures that combat contamination.

How to solve the problem of Dirty Fuel

Problem: Loss Of Fuel Economy. Inefficient fuel filtration can lead to the wear of injector components. This wear can result in over-fueling, deposits, increased nozzle wear, reduced performance, and a drop in fuel efficiency. In today’s economy, that’s a bigger problem than ever.

Better Fuel Injector Performance with NanoNet Advanced Filtration Media

Damaged injectors can result in over-fueling of the cylinder causing fuel deposits, increased wear, and reduced fuel economy. Injector Protector. New Injector Spray Pattern Damaged Injector Spray Pattern is 10-13 times more effective at removing 4-micron particulate contaminants than competitive media; NanoNet is best at protecting injectors against the release of particles during engine vibration and fuel surge. This allows fuel injectors to perform like new over the course of their life. 

100% Synthetic NanoNet Media. Unlike traditional media, NanoNet media contains no cellulose fibers, so it is essentially waterproof. The unique composition will not become waterlogged, and unlike conventional filters, it provides the structural integrity needed for a high level of performance. NanoNet provides three times more protection throughout the life of the filter than the next best competitive product.

Fleetguard Nanonet Filtration Media Separated Water From Your Diesel Fuel.

What makes the Fleetguard Nanonet Filtration Media better than the competition?

  • The Fleetguard Nanonet Filters Industry-leading composite polymeric media was developed in-house by Cummins Filtration. 
  • The NanoNet® media is used along with the StrataPore® media grades for optimum balance of particle removal, contaminant holding capacity, and flow restriction.
  • The NanoNet media ensures the required level of particle retention with minimal flow restriction for increased cold start protection.
  • 2-in-1 NanoNet media is bonded together and does not move under vibration or flow surges to keep wear particles secure.
  • Only the Nanonet Media provides a continuously bonded uniform structure of filtration media for the optimum filtration of the fluids passing the filter.
  • The NanoNet® media removes and retains Ten to Thirteen times more contaminants than any competitive filtration media. 
  • The Fleetguard - Cummins Filtration Filters with the 2-in-1 NanoNet media are not affected by ever-changing flow rates and pressure like competitors' filters are.
  • The development of the 2-in-1 NanoNet media is perfectly matched to today's engine oils and engine developments to help maximize engine life, improve fuel economy and reduce downtime. 
  • The nanonet Filtration Media provides Superior Performance with the ability of providing greater fuel injection system protection under real-world operating conditions when compared to conventional filtration media.
  • The NanoNet filters maintain optimal service life while providing premium
    performance and protection throughout the life of the filter 2.5x contaminant holding capacity of conventional filters.
  • The filtration performance of a NanoNet filter does not decline compared to conventional filters.

The Fleetguard Nanonet High-efficiency filter media is currently used in the following applications:

RESPIRATORS - The 100% polymer nanofiber filter technology provides highly efficient aerosol filtering at the N95 Standard without the electrostatically charged filter media common in typical respirators. Cummins Filtration NanoNet media delivers high sustained capture efficiency plus the required breath-ability demands of first responders.

FUEL FILTERS - Fleetguard Fuel Filters with the NanoNet® Advanced Filtration Media
deliver unmatched protection, increased filtration efficiency, and superior uptime by extending filter life while Trapping 98.7 percent of all particles as small as 4 microns.  The NanoNet filter media is ten times more effective at hard particle removal than Fleetguard’s own StrataPore media.

LUBE FILTERS - Cummins Filtration developed the nanofiber media for Fleetguard lube filters, which offer higher efficiency, higher capacity, and the best cold flow rates. These Nanonet Oil Filters provide your diesel engine's best protection and filtration.