Ford 7.3L Powerstroke Replacement Oil Pan

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Ford 7.3L Powerstroke Replacement Oil Pan

Ford 7.3L Power Stroke Oil Pan Problem Solved

Moroso has developed the 27366 oil pan. This replacement oil pan is an extremely high quality triple coated thicker gauge steel oil pan to solve the continuous problem of rusting and rotting oil pans on the 1994 to 2003 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke diesel.

The Moroso 27336 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke Replacement Oil Pan is for the following applications:

  • 1994 to 2003 Ford F250
  • 1994 to 2003 Ford F350
  • 1994 to 2003 Ford F450
  • 1994 to 2003 Ford F550
  • Ford Excursion
  • Ford E-250 Series Vans
  • Ford E-350 Series Vans
The Moroso Performance Products 27336 Ford 7.3L Powerstroke is a premium quality replacement oil pan with the following benefits:
  • Designed as a direct bolt-on replacement oil pan.
  • Heavier Sixteen Gauge Steel construction ensures structural integrity.
  • The Moroso oil pan features a triple-coated interior and exterior finish finishing that ensures the harshest environmental conditions.
  • The First Coat is a Zinc Phosphate that creates a durable finish foundation that neutralizes any corrosion caused by the welding process during manufacturing.
  • The Second Coat On is a black electrocoating applied over the Zinc Phosphate layer. 
  • The third and final coat is a gloss black epoxy powder coat. Moroso says that this process has been fine-tuned from the company’s years of oil pan building experience. 
  • The Moroso pan includes a dipstick provision; an internal OE-style anti-slosh baffle designed to keep oil contained in the oil pick-up area; and a magnetic drain plug.
We at KLM Performance recommend the purchase of the Moroso 27293 oil pan gasket to ensure a leak-proof seal at the bottom of your 7.3L Powerstroke. Ford used a liquid sealant to mate the oil pan to the fine block and this has led to series-wide oil leaks with this engine. From the factory, the pan on these engines used a special sealant. The Moroso 27293 gasket is constructed from a high-temperature/oil-resistant silicone with a rigid core and built-in inserts at each bolt hole so the gasket cannot be over-tightened. The gasket works with both styles of timing covers used on the 7.3L engine.
Installation of the Moroso 27366 oil pan provides an assurance that this will be the last time you ever touch the bottom end of your 7.3L Powerstroke diesel engine.