LED Light Bars

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LED Light Bars

High Performance LED Light Bars

The installation of an LED Light bar will dramatically increase your ability to see what's out there.

Choosing the right LED light bar for your vehicle, vessel or equipment is dependent upon multiple factors. What type of lighting you require, how much room you have for the light bar, how many lumens you need and where you want the light to shine. These LED light bars are capable of providing reliable, powerful lighting in exactly the right area. The LED Light Bar allows you to meet your exact lighting needs by choosing the size and beam pattern that best suits your needs.

These LED light bars are available with the following options;

  • Sizes from 8" to 59" in length.
  • Straight bar or the now more modern curved light bars.
  • Multiple Beam Patters - Flood - Scene-Work, Cornering, Wide Cornering, Wide Driving, Driving Combo, Spot, High-Speed Spot, Racer Edition Spot
  • Plug and Play Wire Harness to meet your exact installation needs.
  • Protective Covers and Rock Guards.
  • Security Hardware to make sure your light stays in place.
  • Interchangeable Lens for a new beam pattern that fits your needs.

LED Light Bar Beam Patterns

Baja Designs light beam patterns


LED Light Bar Mounting and installation:

These light bars can be mounted to almost any type of vehicle or vessel to provide additional lighting. Now there are many different vehicle specific light bar mounting brackets available to further ease your installation. Wiring of aftermarket lights is now, an easy task as these LED lights have specific wire harnesses to ease installation.  Installation is relatively straightforward when you use the plug and play wire harness and vehicle specific mounting brackets and kits.

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