Baja Designs LED Dome Lights

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Baja Designs LED Dome Lights

Baja Designs LED Dome Lights

Baja Designs offers these Super-Bright LED Dome Lights for your Truck, Jeep, Buggy, UTV, Boat, Tool Box or Trailer. These compact high lumen output LED lights are waterproof and can be mounted virtually anywhere. Dome lights feature an integrated switch that has a 360-degree optic projection pattern to illuminate your cab, engine bay, wheel wells or anywhere else you need a super bright, super smooth powerful LED light. The Dome Light features a built-in switch for control of the light.


These Baja Designs LED Lights are a very compact LED light that is perfect for interior or exterior installations. The LED Dome Light mounting can be on a flat surface or a tube. The LED light features protection from the elements by a waterproof, dustproof, hard black, CNC-machined, aircraft-grade, anodized billet aluminum housing. These Baja Designs LED lights to offer a wide variety of utility interior lighting applications. The remote area lighting application such as a dome light, foot box light, enclosed trailer lighting and many other applications in street or race vehicles. While extremely compact, the LED Dome Light delivers a light which is 1.5 times brighter than larger, competitive lights. The Dome Light can be mounted by stainless steel fasteners or extreme-duty nylon cable ties that are included for mounting purposes. All that you needed for installation is the connection to the 12-volt power supply.

The Baja Designs LED Dome Lights and Rock Lights have a 360-degree optic to illuminate your cab, engine bay, wheel wells, truck bed, toolbox or anywhere else you need bright and smooth light. Included is a rubber tube mount that gives you the option to zip tie the LED light to any standard sized frame or roll cage tubing.

Baja Designs LED Dome Light Specifications:

  • Lumen Out of 208 Lumens
  • 360° optic provides full-field illumination
  • The LED light emits 5000K Natural Day Light for reduced eye strain
  • Power Consumption in Watts @ 12 volts Dome Light: 5 Watts
  • Power Consumption in Amps @ 12 volts Dome Light 0.4 Amperes
  • Dimensions Dome Light: 2.75″ Long X 1″ Wide X 0.42" High
  • Rock Light Weight  0.7 oz.
  • Dome Light Weight 1 oz.
  • LED Life Expectancy  is 49,930 hours
  • Includes mounting bracket, and associated hardware

The Baja Designs LED Dome Lights are available in these colors:

What is the difference between the Dome Light and the Rock Light?

The Baja Designs LED Rock lights are for use with a remote switch.

The Baja Designs Dome Lights contain an integrated switch assembly in the light body.

We prefer the LED Dome Lights because installation is simple and you can make sure the light is powered off or on as needed.

For the ultimate in Consumer Purchase Protection, the Baja Designs lighting systems products are designed and assembled in the U.S.A. with a minimum of 65% U.S. Content. Baja Designs offers a 30 Day, Money-Back Satisfaction Guarantee and Limited Lifetime Warranty on all products.

Caution: The Baja Designs Dome Light can get very hot when used for long periods of time. Please use caution when handling or installing.