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Baja Designs Replacement Lens

Baja Designs Replacement Lenses

Baja Designs has always engineered and manufactured LED lighting systems with replaceable lenses and optics. All Baja Designs HID Lights, LED Lights and Light Bars are serviceable by you. If a Baja Designs glass is scratched, cracked, or broken, you don't replace the whole light as you do with most imported products.

 Amazingly enough, almost all other LED bars are silicone sealed and not serviceable. If a Baja Designs lens is scratched or scored, you don't replace the entire light as you do with most imported products, nor do you need to send it back to the manufacturer as you would with other popular LED lights.

All Baja Designs Lights feature uService™ technology will allow you to simply unscrew the water and dustproof lens and seal to replace the damaged optics or lens. This unique uService™ technology feature means you can also change the optics of your light. 

Purchase the replacement lens, and you can fix the light yourself. Repair of your investment in the Baja Designs LED lights are the two options you have. If you choose protection, it is a far less expensive option when it comes to your lights.

These replacement lens kits are available for the following Light series:

  • OnX6 LED Light Bar
  • S8 LED Light Bar
  • Squadron Racer Edition Series LED Lights
  • Squadron Pro Series LED Lights
  • Squadron Sport Series LED Lights
  • XL80 Series LED Lights
  • XL Pro Series LED Lights
  • XL Sport Series LED Lights
  • S2 Sport Series LED Lights
  • S2 Pro Series Led Light 

These Baja Designs Lens kits allow you the end-user to complete field service on the Light you own. It is easy to change a beam pattern to meet the latest conditions.

Please feel free to call KLM Performance at 203-210-7200 or Contact Us if you have any questions regarding these lighting products and their applications.

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