Baja Designs Squadron Lights

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Baja Designs Squadron Lights

Baja Designs Squadron LED Auxillary Lights

The Baja Designs Squadron Series LED lights offer the highest light output on the market from a compact size LED light.

The Squadron Series LED Lights produce 1800 to 4900 lumens. The Squadron output level is dependent upon the Squadron series LED light chosen. This incredible Lumen output rating comes from a small light housing which is less than a 3.5" cube.

Baja Designs Squadron LED Lights are available in the following series:

The Baja Designs Squadron LEDs are available in two different finishes:

  • A Black Anodized Powder Coated Finish
  • A White Anodized Powder Coated Finish for Marine Applications

The Baja Designs Squadron lights are available in the following beam patterns to meet your exact lighting needs:

  • Driving Combination Beam: This light pattern offers maximum trail coverage in a single light. The Driving Combo model is equipped with both Driving (10°) and Spot (9°) optics to provide you with a smooth blend of light for both near field applications and distance.
  • The Amber Driving Combo Beam is also available in reduced visibility conditions.
  • Wide Cornering Beam: Baja Designs was the first to develop this pattern specifically for cornering, dust, snow, or fog conditions.
  • The Wide Driving pattern offers a 42° flattened horizontal beam for the ultimate in comfort lighting.
  • The Amber Wide Cornering Beam for reduced visibility conditions.
  • Spot Beam: A more extended and narrower 9° beam focus for long-distance illumination further down the trail or road. The Spot beam pattern is for use with additional Wide Driving and Driving/Combo beam lights.
  • Flood Beam Pattern: Excellent work or scene light with an incredibly smooth 60° circle that projects about 60 feet.

The entire lineup of Baja Designs products uses the latest technology to produce the highest quality LED lights available.

These LED lights use the Baja Designs CopperDrive LED management system. The CopperDrive management system uses next-generation circuit boards and driver technology to run high-powered LEDs at full power safely. The Squadron Lights feature an integrated Thermal management system that uses four levels of heat transfer technology to remove heat 3000% more efficiently than the competition. The Squadron Series lights also provide an extra layer of vibration isolation to create the highest performing and longest-lasting LED light on the market. The heat management technology incorporated by Baja Designs is a significant advantage over the cheap LED lights flooding the market. The generated heat is quickly and efficiently dissipated by engineering functional thermal heat sink fins on the back of the Squadron series LED lights. These Squadron lights have an estimated 49,000+ hour lifespan for long-term operation. All Squadron Series LED lights are covered by the Baja Designs limited lifetime warranty.

The Squadron Series LED lights are perfect for all types of vehicles and applications. The compact size of these Squadron Series lights small size provides extreme versatility when it comes to mounting. Additionally, the light's small size allows for many possible mounting locations.

The Squadron Series LED lights also are considered an adaptable LED light series for varying conditions or applications. With the removal of 4 simple bolts, you can transform your Baja Design Squadron light into any beam pattern you require. The LED lights also have two different colored lenses for increased versatility. Whether using for professional use or purely as a hobby, Baja Designs Lights has once again raised the bar in the optics industry.