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High Performance Diesel Engine Camshafts

The installation of a performance camshaft will increase performance by altering the valve timing. The performance diesel camshaft will allow a greatly improved transfer of gasses into and out of the combustion chamber. If you look at the diesel engine as a modified pump. Your engines efficiency is based on how much fuel and air it can move in and out of it. The greater the flow into the cylinder and out of the cylinder the more power it will make. Allowing more air flow and fuel into the motor the greater the power output will become. This is the main design principal behind installing an aftermarket high performance camshaft. Performance increasing camshafts provide a longer duration and more lift allowing more air into the cylinder to make more power. Cam shafts come in different profiles to meet your specific demands. Combining a cam shaft with a cold air intake, improved exhaust and intake manifolds will provide a dramatic increase in power for your diesel engine. KLM Performance also recommends installing better valves, retainers, and valve springs while you are in there for further performance gains.

Performance gains exhibited by the installation of a Colt Cams Stage 3 "The Big Stick"

  • Delivers the strongest mid-range torque.
  • Provides more horsepower and torque.
  • Great bottom end and drive-ability.
  • Average 2 to 3 MPG increase.
  • 30 to 35 % reduction in smoke.
  • Approximately a 200 degree drop in exhaust gas temperatures.
  • Good to 4000 rpm.

Benefits of Colt Cams High Performance Cummins Diesel Camshafts 

Remember it’s far cheaper to do it right the first time so buy from the original manufacturer of Cummins High Performance Diesel Camshafts Colt Cams.

Here are the benefits you will see from Colt Cams "The Big Stick" High Performance Cummins Diesel Camshaft

  • Higher Lift
  • More aggressive ramp rates
  • More duration
  • Lower Exhaust GasTemperatures of 100 - 250 degrees
  • Faster Turbo spooling 100 – 200 rpm sooner
  • Bolt on option
  • Fuel Economy improvements of 1 - 3 mpg
  • Major reduction in smoke

The Unique Features of the Colt Cam "The Big Stick" High Performance Cummins Diesel Camshaft:

  • 1.020” wide lobes (widest in the aftermarket)
  • Thicker core
  • Radiused core
  • Every cam is drilled and tapped for a bolt on retainer
  • The ONLY improved design cast cam on the market
  • Cold Chilled Billet Iron Blank insures durability

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