Mopar Air Filter

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Mopar Air Filter

Mopar Replacement Air Filter Elements

Mopar OEM Dodge Ram Replacement Air Filter elements are available at KLM performance. These are the OEM replacement Air Filter elements designed to provide the filtration levels specified by Chrysler for your vehicle.

Your vehicle's air filter removes airborne containment's from the incoming air stream consumed by your motor. Your engine air filter removes approximately 98% of all airborne dirt, debris, and particles. The air cleaner element provides an immaculate incoming air charge so that the engine components will last to provide long-term engine life. These airborne particles can destroy the piston rings that seal the pistons against the cylinder walls or worse scour the cylinder's walls or even the valve seats.

KLM Performance strongly recommends a regular check of your air filter to make sure this filter is clean and free of debris. A clean air filter will help your engine run at its most efficient level. Replacing the Air Filter Element should be part of any tune-up. We recommend changing the air filter element every 15,000 miles, once a year, or at your vehicle's scheduled service interval. The environment you operate your vehicle in will significantly impact this service interval. If you live in an unusually dusty or dirty area, changing your air filter element should be done on a more frequent basis.