MOPAR Transmission Service Kit

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MOPAR Transmission Service Kit

KLM Performance Automatic Transmission Servie Kits For the Mopar Aisin and ZF Transmissions

KLM Performance has bundled these complete Mopar transmission service kits to Keep your Aisin and ZF transmissions operating at top-notch efficiency, These transmission service kits contain all the necessary items such as the filters, gaskets, and fluids. If you rely on your car or truck for work or play, performing the required service at the proper interval is vital for long term trouble free operation of your vehicle.

We all KLM Performance recommed you read all of the information portrayed in these kits before purchasing.

What is the reason why you should preform an Automatic Transmission Filter and Fluid Replacement?

The Complete Transmission Service is the most comprehensive forms of preventative transmission maintenance offered. Not only do you replace your automotic transmission fluid, filter and gasket but, we also check various components to make sure they are in good working order. You should examine the transmission sump and pan to see if there is any residue of particles attached to the transmission pan.

Your vehciles transmission is equipped with a filter to remove dirt and debris as transmission fluid circulates through the system. Over time, this filter becomes dirty and will decrease the performance of your vehicle. Replacing the Transmission filter is vital to long term trouble free operation of your automatic transmission.

We start by removing the transmission pan and replacing the old filter with a new OEM Mopar filter that meets manufacturer specifications. We also provide a transmission pan gasket to ensure a leak proof seal between the transmission pan and automatic transmission. We strongly recommed you remove and replace the gasket material before reinstalling the transmission pan. You finish everything up by ensuring your system is filled with new transmission fluid as recommend by your manufacturer.

NOTE: Many vehicles have more than one option, even though the compatibilty info says that it fits your car.The part might be different to the one on your vehicle, and you may receive the wrong part. If you are in any doubt, please contact us with your Vehicle Identification Number - VIN prior to making a purchase od a Mopar Automtic Transmission Service Kit.