Steering Boxes

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Steering Boxes

Steering Gearbox - Power Steering Box - Steering Gear Box

The steering gearbox (or steering gear) responds to movements of the steering wheel and steers your front wheels in the corresponding direction.

The Warning Symptoms of Wear or Failure in your Power Steering Box:

  • Additional effort is required to turn the steering wheel.
  • Your truck's steering has become jerky and uneven.
  • Steering linkage may feel loose or sloppy.
  • Excessive play in the Gearbox.
  • Power Steering fluid is now leaking from the seal within the box.
  • The outer case of the steering box is cracked.
  • The steering response is slow and requires more effort.

Why use a rebuilt steering box when you can buy an all-new steering box that is backed by a manufacturer's Warranty?

KLM Performance offers a variety of Mopar power steering boxes that use all-new parts and are stronger than the original designs.

If you have any questions about a replacement power steering gearbox for your Dodge Ram truck please feel free to call us at 203-210-7200 or Contact us!