Track Bar Pan Rod Bar Panhard Bar

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Track Bar Pan Rod Bar Panhard Bar

Track Bar Pan Rod Bar Panhard Bar

What is a Track Bar?

The Track Bar is a bar that connects the chassis of the vehicle to the axle.

What does a Track Bar Do?

The purpose of the track bar or pan rod bar is to control the left to the right offset of your axles. Some vehicles use two-track bars to align your axles. One track bar for the front axle and one for the rear axle.

Track bars are available in both fixed or non-adjustable and adjustable versions. Non-Adjustable track Bars about on vehicles with a stock ride height. Vehicles with increased ride height will require the use of an adjustable track bar to ensure the proper alignment of the axles. The track bar's attachment points at the left and right side of the trackbar allow for up and down motion while restricting the side-to-side movement. The track bar is what keeps the axle adequately aligned with the frame. By raising or lowering your vehicle's ride height, you move the axle left or right with respect to your vehicle's center-line. The adjustable track bar lets you recenter the axle, so it is equal distance from right to left. Having your axle centered and positioned in the center of the vehicle as opposed to being out of alignment ensures a prolonged tire life.

What happens when my track bar wears?

A loose track bar allows the axle to shift its alignment under load in relation to the chassis. The Track Bar is considered a wear item and the bar ends tend to wear quickly depending upon the materials used.

Signs of a worn track bar are:

  • Clunking or a loud pop when turning
  • Sloppy steering
  • Death Wobble
  • Uneven tire wear on the front or rear tires.
  • Increased driveline vibration.

Why should I install an adjustable track bar on my vehicle?

  • Adjustable track bars allow you to recenter the axle of your vehicle.
  • Panhard Bars improve the handling and control of your vehicle with one upgrade.
  • Corrects the problem of increased tire wear and bushing wear.
  • Allows your driveshaft to become centered again reducing vibrations.
  • Improves the vehicles handling by allowing the axle an unrestricted range of movement.

These are some of the other names a Trackbar is known by:

  • trackbar
  • track bar
  • adjustable track bar
  • non-adjustable
  • Panrod bar
  • panhard bar

NOTE: The trackbar is considered a wear item that requires regular inspection to ensure the maximum performance of your tire life and vehicle handling.