Fluidampr Warranty

Fluidampr Performance Viscous Dampers for Gas and Diesel Engines Warranty


Fluidampr warranty extends to the original purchaser only and a copy of sales receipt must be provided. Please keep a copy of your receipt. Fluidampr recommends to our customers that they have their Fluidampr products
installed by a certified technician or engine builder as warranty does not cover installation errors. Fluidampr offers a One year warranty for defects in material
and workmanship. Repair or replacement will be at sole discretion of Fluidampr. 

If purchased from Fluidampr: To obtain warranty service, call customer
service to receive a return authorization number. Returns must include the RMA#, description of the problem and a copy of the purchase invoice/receipt.
Returns without an RMA# will not be processed. Customers are responsible for freight charges to Fluidampr. If product is found to be faulty, Fluidampr will
pay UPS Ground Freight when returning the product to customer.


  • Failure due to improper installation or maintenance..
  • Loss or injury incurred from use or operation of Fluidampr products. 
  • Misuse.
  • Abuse.
  • Modifications, or unauthorized repairs.
  • Removal or replacement cost.
  • Cost incurred due to downtime of vehicle.
  • Damage to other engine or vehicle components. • Normal wear and tear. • Use in racing applications or competitive purposes.
  • The Fluidampr limited warranty coverage is subject to change due to uncontrolled circumstances with or without notice.

Fluidampr Warranty: All Fluidampr warranty claims must be made with your point of purchase.

Notice: Fluidampr has no connection or affiliation in any way with General Motors, Ford, Stellantis North America, Honda, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Subaru, Volkswagen, Pontiac, Toyota, Mazda, Audi and/or their affiliates.

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for reference to the usage for that Fluidampr part.

NONE of the Fluidampr products in this catalog were manufactured by the previous mentioned companies or their suppliers.

Fluidampr® is a fully owned product line of Vibratech® TVD.

Fluidampr® and Vibratech® are registered trademarks of Horschel Brothers
Precision, LLC and may not be used without approval. Fluidampr and/or its affiliates retains all marketing rights to its products and trademarks.

The Fluidampr® and Vibratech® high performance viscous damper are MADE IN THE USA!