AirDog Ten Micron Replacement Fuel Filter Set

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Fleetguard - Cummins Filtration

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AirDog Ten Micron Diesel Fuel Filter Set

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AirDog - AirDog II - AirDog II 4G Fleetguard Replacement Fuel Filter Sets

This Fleetguard Diesel Fuel Filter Kit is a10 Micron AirDog Replacement Filters. Keep your AirDog Fuel Pump running smoothly with a new set of replacement fuel filters!

Pureflow Technologies Replacement Ten Micron Fuel Filter Set for the AirDog and AirDog II Fuel Air Separation Systems from Fleetguard. This AirDog replacement fuel filter set is manufactured by Fleetguard a division of Cummins Filtration. Fleetguard Filtration is an industry leader offering the highest quality filtration products available for diesel engines.

    The AirDog Replacement Filter Set - 10 Micron filter sets contains:

    • 1 Fleetguard FF5617 - 10 Micron Fuel Filter
    • 1 Fleetguard FS19594 -  20 Micron Fuel Water Separator

    These Fleetguard Direct Replacement Fuel Filter Sets are offered as direct replacements for the:

    • AirDog I Fuel Preporator
    • AirDog II Fuel Preporator
    • AirDog II 4G Fuel Preporator

    The Fleetguard FF5617 Fuel Filter is a direct replacement for the AirDog, AirDog II, and AirDog II 4G Fuel Air Separation Systems that contains the Stratapore Media which filters to a 10 Micron level.

    The Fleetguard FS19594 Fuel Water separator is rated at 20 Microns and removes entrained water from your diesel fuel.

    The AirDog - AirDog II Replacement Filter Set change intervals are 15,000 to 30,000 miles. Ensure the proper fuel flow and pressure by regularly servicing these Air Filters. The AirDog, AirDog II, and AirDog II 4G Replacement Filter Set change interval is dependent upon the type and quality of fuel used. The use of Bio-Diesel or Waste Vegetable Oil will reduce the change interval of these AirDog - AirDog II Replacement Filters Set.

    Never travel without having a spare set of these Fleetguard Airdog replacement filters in your truck. You will be glad you have the Airdog replacement filters on hand when you get a bad load of diesel fuel. The second set of AirDog, AirDog II, or AirDog II 4G Replacement Filters add a minimal charge to your shipping costs. We recommend you order two sets, so you always have a spare set of AirDog replacement filters on hand.

    NOTE: The image is not an accurate depiction of the actual fuel filters described in this AirDog Fuel Preparator replacement filter set.

    • by KLM Performance
    • Engine : Any diesel engine running an AirDog Diesel Fuel Preporator.
    • Flow Rate: 95 to 265 gallons per hour.
    • Fuel Type: Diesel Fuel
    • Filtration Rating: Ten Micron-rated replacement filter sets.
    • Item Number: 8
    • Make
    • Model :
    • Year :
    • Manufacturer Part No: AD FG Filter Set - 10
    • Product Application: AirDog and AirDog II and AirDog 4G Replacement Fuel Filter Set
    • Height: 4
    • Width : 8
    • Brand: Fleetguard
    • FAQIs it wise to purchase these filters in quantities greater than a single unit filter set? KLM Performance recommends these filters be purchased in sets of two diesel fuel filters.  There are two types of diesel truck owners, those how have had a bad load of fuel and those who will get a bad load of diesel fuel. It is far cheaper to carry a spare set of fuel filters in your truck at all times than it is to call for a tow!
    • Part Number :
    • Manufacturer: Fleetguard - Cummins Filtration
    • Product Note: Open Fleetguard Fuel Filters Are A Non-Returnable Item. Please make sure you have ordered the correct replacement filters part for your AirDog Fuel Preparator!

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