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Baja Designs

BD 730001

Baja Designs 737801 Squadron-R Racer Edition Pair Spot LED Light

Beam Pattern

Baja Designs Squadron-R Racer Edition Pair Spot LED Light

The Squadron-R Racer Edition LED Light is the Ultra High Output small light that produces 4,300 lumens of light. The Racer Edition LED Lights to provide a 40% range over the Squadron Pro Series LED light. The Racer Edition Series LED Lights are a Weatherproof, Durable, Compact, and High-intensity LED. These lights are contained within a hard-anodized Aluminium case that is powder-coated for long life. Do not be fooled by the power of these compact LED lights. The Squadron Racer Series LED has the long-distance projection of an Eight Inch HID light. The Squadron R is offered as a small LED auxiliary light will blind you with brightness.

These Squadron-R Racer Editions Lights are designed for long-distance high-speed transit. These are the Second most powerful light in the Squadron-R Series of LED lights. most powerful Auxillary LED light in the Baja Designs Squadron Series of Compact LED lights. Install a pair of the Baja Designs Squadron-R Racer Edition Spot LED lights to enhance your nighttime off-roading experience significantly. The Baja Designs 737801 Squadron-R Racer Edition Pair Spot LED produce 5000K Daylight to ensure the safest and highest performing driving experience.

Baja Designs developed the Squadron-R Racer Edition LED lights in the following beam patterns to met your lighting needs:

Baja Designs Squadron-R Racer Edition LED Light Notes:

  • The Baja Designs Squadron Racer Edition LED Light contains four Cree High-Intensity LEDs.
  • These four Cree LEDs provide 4,300 lumens of light while consuming only 40 watts of power.
  • The four Cree LED elements draw only 3.33 Amps.
  • This Squadron Racer Edition LED Light is sold as a single unit.
  • The Squadron Racer Edition Series LED light is for universal lighting applications on almost any Race Vehicle.
  • Produces 5000K natural color daylight for reduced eye strain
  • LED Light contains built-in over-voltage protection
  • LED Light is Waterproof, Rainproof, and Submersible
  • UService Replaceable lenses and optics offer increased versatility
  • Polycarbonate front lens is Hard Coated for increased durability
  • Hard-anodized White powder-coated cast aluminum
  • CNC machined billet aluminum bezel
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Backed by Baja Designs Limited Lifetime Warranty

Baja Designs Squadron Racer Edition LED Light Contains:

  • Two Baja Designs Squadron Racer Edition LED Light
  • Two Integrated Mounting Bracket

Baja Designs provides the best in LED auxiliary lights on the market. Baja Designs stands behind there Racer Edition LED lights with a 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee and Limited Lifetime Warranty.

  • Engine
  • Flow Rate
  • Item Number: 10
  • Make: Baja Designs
  • Model: 737801
  • Manufacturer Part No: BD 737801
  • Product Application: Any vehicle requiring a pair of compact high power long distance auxilliary lights
  • Height: 12
  • Width: 12
  • Brand:
  • FAQ:
  • Part Number: 737801
  • Manufacturer:
  • Beam PatternThe 737801 Racer Edition High-Speed Spot Beam provides a longer and narrower 7° beam focus for illumination further down the trail or road.  The Spot pattern is designed to be used in conjunction with additional Wide Driving and/or Driving/Combo beam lights.
  • Product NoteThe Baja Designs 737801 Squadron-R Racer Edition Pair Spot LED Light to provide you with 8,600 Lumens of highly concentrated long-range illumination so you can see what is ahead.  This pair of Baja Designs Squadron Racer Lights with a Spot beam pattern to give your vehicle excellent levels of long-distance lighting.  

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