CATERPILLAR C10 C12 C13 Heavy Duty Diesel Crankshaft Damper

CATERPILLAR® C10 C12 C13 Heavy Duty Diesel Crankshaft Damper 1341604                          

CAT Crankshaft Damper For the C10, C12, C13 Series Diesel Engines

Vibratech Torsional Vibration Damper 1341064

Caterpillar Heavy Duty Replacement Diesel Damper

This replacement heavy duty diesel damper is high performance alternative damper for the CAT Heavy Duty Diesel engines. This 1341604Crankshaft Damper from Vibratech is precision made superior quality torsional vibration damper designed explicitly for theCATERPILLAR® diesel.

The viscous torsional dampers for Caterpillar C10, C12, and C13 engines are direct replacements for the original parts. The crank damper replacement or inspection interval is at the 300,000-mile. This is the service interval where the crankshaft vibration damper is to be inspected and replaced. Replacement of your crankshaft damper at the time of an inframe overhaul is imperative to ensure a long engine lifespan. The replacement crankshaft dampers are made of steel and coated with a rust preventive, and they self-tune to exact engine harmonic frequency across the engine’s entire rpm range.

The Caterpillar Heavy Duty Diesel Crankshaft Damper by Vibratech is for the following Caterpillar engines:

  • Caterpillar C10 diesel engine
  • Caterpillar C12 diesel engine
  • Caterpillar C13 diesel engine

This replacement CATERPILLAR® Vibration Damper for the CATERPILLAR® Diesels is a Crankshaft Damper that offers:

  • Increase horsepower & torque
  • Better fuel efficiency
  • Extends the life of the engine
  • Improves valve timing
  • Paintable steel finish
The Vibratec 1341604 CATERPILLAR® C10 C12 C13 Heavy Duty Diesel Crankshaft Damper cross-reference:
  •  CATERPILLAR® 167-8125 Damper

Vibratech TVD® invented viscous damper technology in 1946 to control torsional vibrations. Vibratech continues to make these Torsional Vibration Dampers in the USA! The Vibratech Torsional Vibration Damper products are manufactured in a registered state-of-the-art facility that is ISO 9001-2008 certified.Your diesel engine requires the best heavy duty torsional vibration damper available so purchase a Vibratech Damper for your CAT Diesel.

The use of an overseas manufactured crank damper is penny wise and pound foolish! The Vibratech 1341604 Heavy Duty Diesel Damper is made with a free rotation inertia ring surrounded by a viscous silicone fluid enclosed in a laser welded, sealed housing. Caterpillar crank dampers should be replaced between 350K and 500K miles. If you just did an overhaul make sure you change the Crankshaft Damper. Broken crankshafts make an overhaul look cheap!

For additional information on the Caterpillar Chevy Duty Diesel Crankshaft Dampers please follow this link -

The Vibratech TVD 1341604 Vibration Damper is MADE IN THE USA! Torsional Vibration Damper CAT C10 C12 C13 Heavy Duty Diesel Crankshaft Damper

  • engine: Caterpillar C10 | Caterpillar C12 | Caterpillar C13
  • Flow Rate:
  • Item Number: FD-HD 13416042
  • Make: : Caterpillar
  • Model: Diesel
  • year 
  • Manufacturer Part No: 134160420
  • Product Application: CATERPILLAR C10, C12, and  C13 Heavy Duty Diesel Engines
  • Height: 4
  • Width: 20
  • Brand: Vibratech TVD
  • FAQ:
  • Part Number:
  • Manufacturer: Vibratech TVD
  • Beam Pattern:
  • Product Note: Only a Viscous Damper from Fluidampr can effectively control the destructive torsional vibrations through the entire RPM range of the engine and power-output levels. The Fluidampr CATERPILLAR C10 C12 C13 Heavy Duty Diesel Viscous Crankshaft Damper is not tuned for a specific narrowband frequency range like a rubber damper. Only a Viscous Damper using its inertia ring which can freely rotate ring in the laser-welded housing that is filled with silicone can control the power-robbing destructive torsional vibrations emitted by your diesel engine.

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