Cummins 3938157 5.9L Oil Pick Up Tube Gasket


Cummins 3938157

Cummins 3938157 5.9L Oil Pick Up Tube Gasket

Cummins 3938157 Oil Pickup Tube Flange Gasket 

One of these Cummins 3938157Dodge 5.9L Gaskets is required when performing the following work:

  • Oil Pan Replacement
  • Oil Pan Gasket Replacement

Performing the above service work will ruin the OEM Cummins gasket. Having the required Cummins replacement part gasket for the 5.9L Gasket on hand will make the completion of this job easier and less time-consuming. The Cummins 3928455 Gasket is the most current version replacement gasket available.

Warning signs that the gasket connection has now failed:

  • Oil Stains in the area the truck is parked. 
  • Lubricating oil is now covering your transmission.
  • Decrease in engine oil level.

This Cummins Cummins 3938157 Gasket Oil Pickup Tube application:

  • Works only on the Oil Pickup Tube. 
  • Sold on an individual basis.
  • This Cummins Connection Gaskets is not designed for reuse!
  • The gasket is a brand new OEM Cummins replacement gasket.

The Cummins 3938157 Replacement Gasket applications:

  • 1989 To 1998 Dodge Ram Cummins 5.9L 12V engines.
  • 1998.5 To 2002 Dodge Ram Cummins 5.9L 24V engines.

    Cummins 3938157 Oil Pickup Tube Flange Gasket Cross References

    • Mopar 5010479AA
    • Mopar 5010479AB
    • Cummins 3900454
    • Cummins 3905468
    • Cummins 3914383
    • Cummins 3931349

    What are the benefits obtained by purchasing an OEM Cummins part?

    • Genuine Cummins Parts are backed with a manufacturer's warranty.
    • Genuine Cummins Parts provide optimum engine efficiency and peak power levels you need to get the job done.
    • OEM Cummins parts provide the exact fit for a straightforward installation reducing your downtime.
    • Cummins parts ensure you're up and running for financial protection and peace of mind.
  • Engine: 5.9L Cummins
  • Flow Rate:
  • Item Number: Cummins 39381575
  • Make: : Cummins | Dodge | Ram
  • Model: 2500 | 3500
  • Year: 1998.5 | 1999 | 2000 | 2001 | 2002
  • Manufacturer Part No: FG 3938157
  • Product Application: 1989 to 2002 Cummins 5.9L diesel engine.
  • Height: 4
  • Width: 5
  • Brand: Cummins
  • FAQ:
  • Part Number: 3938157
  • Manufacturer: Cummins
  • Product Note: Cummins Parts Are A Non-Returnable Item. Please make sure you have ordered the correct part for your Cummins diesel engine!