FASS FLK-S06 Double Vent Return Line Kit

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FASS FLK-S06 Double Vent Return Line Kit Class Eight Fuel Line Kits

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Class 8 Double Vent Return Line Kit - FLK-S06 

The FASS FLK-S06 Double Vent Return Fuel Line makes the installation on your Class Eight Fuel Pump with dual fuel tanks very straightforward.

The FASS FLK-S06 Return Line Kit makes installation of your FASS Class 8 Lift Pump easy and straightforward. Reliability and durability are ensured with the double vent return line, so you can count on it performing as needed when you need it.

The FASS FLK S-06 is designed for the following diesel engine applications;

  • CAT 3406 mechanical
  • CAT 3406A
  • CAT 3406B
  • CAT 3406E
  • CAT C16
  • Cummins (Small or Big Cam I; II; III; IV or NTC/STC; L10)
  • Cummins M11
  • Cummins N14
  • Cummins ISX
  • Cummins Signature Series Diesels
  • Detroit Diesel 12.7L DDEC I; II; III or IV
  • Detroit Diesel 14L DDEC I; II; III or IV
  • John Deere 4430 6.6L 404 ci
  • Mercedes MBE-4000
  • Paccar MX 13
  • Paccar PX 7
  • Paccar PX 9
  • Volvo VED

 The FASS FLK-S06 Mounting Kit Contains:

  • One Twenty-Foot Section Of FASS FL-1005 5/8" O.D. Nylon Fuel Line
  • Two FASS FL-1008 Return Fuel Lines
  • Three Compression Collars
  • One CA-1001 1/2" JIC To 5/8" Tube Fitting
  • One 69749 3/8" NPT To 5/8" Tube 90 Degree Fitting
  • Two 69722 3/8" NPT To 5/8" Tube Fittings
  • Two 06123-1208 1/2” NPT TO 3/4” NPT Fittings
  • Two CBA-1001 Fittings
  • Three Compression Fittings
  • Two 5/8" Fuel Line Tube Clamps
  • Two Self Tapping Metal Screws
  • Two NPT-Y-1001 Fittings
  • One 8-250-3/8” NPT “T” Return Line Fitting

NOTE: The FASS FLK-S06 fuel line kit is a special order item that cannot be exchanged or returned for credit. This FASS item is a final sale as this is a discontinued product..

FASS Double Vent Return - Double Return Line Kit FLK-SO6 Installation Manual

  • by KLM Performance
  • Engine : Large Displacement Diesel Engines
  • Flow Rate: 100 to 290 Gallons Per hour
  • Item Number: FASS FLK-S06
  • Make: Universal
  • Model: Big Rig Class 8
  • Year
  • Manufacturer Part No: FASS FLK-S06
  • Product Application: Class 8 Semi Trucks With Dual Saddle Fuel Tanks
  • Height: 4
  • Width : 15
  • Brand: FASS Fuel Systems
  • FAQ: What is the benefit of purchasing this Double Vent Fuel Return Line Kit? This kit contains all of the fuel lines and hardware required to install the FASS Lift Pump returned to feed dual saddle tanks. Save yourself a lot of time by purchasing this kit. 
  • Part NumberFLK-S06
  • Manufacturer: FASS Fuel Systems
  • Product Note: The purchase of the FASS FLK-S06 Double Vent Fuel Return Line Kit ensures that your installation process will be greatly implied by having all of the components needed for installation in one kit.

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