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Fleetguard CC2602 Coolant Three Way Test Strip Kit


Fleetguard CC2602

Fleetguard CC2602 Coolant Three Way Test Strip Kit

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Cummins CC2602 50 Coolant Sample Three-Way Test Strips - Field Test Kit

Monitor the health of your engine's coolant by submitting a sample for a complete analysis of the suspended contaminants. This Fifty Strip coolant kit provides a review of the health of your engine. The Fleetguard Coolant Testing Strip kit is for all types of liquid-cooled motors. Preventative maintenance is the key to ensuring a long, trouble-free engine lifespan. Having the ability to see what is going on inside the engine and its cooling system is a vital key to catching a problem. This coolant sample test strip kit is for the testing of Fifty samples of coolant.

The Fifty Test Fleetguard CC2602 Chemical Coolant Sample Field Testing Kit includes:

  • One Test Strip Storage Bottle Ounce - 90 ML Container for collecting the coolant sample
  • Fifty Coolant 3-Way SCA / Free Point Test Strips
  • Test Strips provide the rapid detection of the current Supplemental Coolant Additive level is vital for the health and longevity of any diesel engine. 

What Coolant Tests are included in the Fleetguard Coolant Analysis Test Strip Kit?

Each Coolant Testing Field Maintenance Coolant Three-Way™ Test Strip measures:

  • Antifreeze Percent and Freeze Point Test. A highly accurate antifreeze percentage test. Helps you follow OEM antifreeze concentration recommendations and avoid summer boil-over, winter freezing, and antifreeze waste.
  • Molybdate/Nitrite Levels (SCA Units/gal) Determines the number of chemicals available to combat liner pitting. Advises you of potential pitting problems and required corrective action.
  • Current Supplemental Coolant Additive Level SCA Level of the coolant tested. Having the correct Supplemental Coolant Additive level is vital for the health and longevity of any diesel engine. 

How do you use these Three-Way Heavy Duty Test Strips?

Fleetguard state-of-the-art  3-Way  Heavy  Duty  Coolant  Test  Strips provide a  simple and straightforward means of checking the coolant system. It is easy to use the 3-Way DIP and READ test strip by submerging it in a collected coolant sample. Within 45 to 75 seconds, you can read the Freeze Point and Molybdate/Nitrite levels to obtain SCA units. These SCA and Freeze Point Test Strips do it all! NO fuss, NO coolant dilution, NO chemical mixing. The Fleetguard CC2602 Coolant Three-Way Test Strip Kit contains a bottler of Fifty test strips. 

Coolant Testing in the field ensures your engines are protected against corrosion and pitting from improper Supplemental Coolant Additive level that is vital for the health and longevity of any diesel engine. 

KLM Performance recommends testing your engine's coolant every time you bring your vehicle or equipment in for regular maintenance. The regular testing of your engine coolant reduces the risk of engine damage in order to maintain your cooling system. This Fleetguard coolant test strip determines your level of freeze protection, as well as the concentration of your supplemental coolant additive.

  • Engine: All Engines With a Liquid Coolant System.
  • Item Number: Fleetguard CC2602
  • make 
  • model 
  • year 
  • Manufacturer Part No: CC2602
  • Product Application: Antifreeze - Coolant Analysis Test Kit For All Engines
  • Height: 4
  • Width: 8
  • Brand: Fleetguard
  • FAQ: Where do I take my coolant sample from on the engine? For the optimum test results, it is best to obtain a coolant sample from the radiator. Do not take the sample from the coolant reservoir. How many tests can I complete with this kit? The Fleetguard Coolant Test Kit allows you to complete fifty separate tests of your engine's coolant. Are these new kits? Yes, the coolant text kits are not old stock and they have a future exploration date.
  • Part Number: CC2602
  • Manufacturer: Fleetguard - Cummins Filtration
  • Product Note The use of an Engine Coolant Analysis test kit proactively identifies maintenance deficiencies or mechanical issues that lead to a potential cooling system failure. Preventive cooling system maintenance helps ensure against the very costly effects of corrosion, cavitation, localized overheating, and electrolysis.