Fleetguard CV50638 Crankcase Ventilation Filter Retrofit Kit

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Crankcase Ventilation Filter Retrofit Kit For Diesel Engines Up to 11L

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Fleetguard CV50638 Closed Crankcase Coalesor Ventilation Filter Kit

The Fleetguard CV50638 is a Closed Crankcase Ventilation Retrofit Kit. This Crankcase Ventilation System Kit is a retrofit kit designed for use on diesel engines up to 11.0 Liters. Created as a means to comply with current environmental regulations, the CV50638 is a High-efficiency crankcase aerosol filter. This crankcase ventilation filter is designed to reduce oil consumption and minimize environmental waste. This CV50638 Kit captures the engine oil and returns it back to the sump for reuse.

 Fleetguard CV50638 Crankcase Upgrade Ventilation Filter Kit contains:

  • One Q618145 Drain Assembly
  • One CCV Coalescer Kit Installation Instructions
  • One CV50637 Coalescer Assembly
  • One 3955875 Crankcase Depression Regulator- CDR Valve Assembly
  • One Q158112 CDR Assembly Mounting Bracket
  • Replacement Crankcase Vent Filter Element CV50633

Fleetguard CV50638 CCV Coalescing Filter Assembly Specifications:

  • Height  13.7”  or 347.1 mm
  • Depth  3.4”  or 87.3 mm
  • Width 11.5”  or 291.0 mm
  • Dry Weight 4.52 lbs  or 2.05 kg
  • Nominal Flow Rate 6 ft 3/min (170 L/min)
  • Nominal Flow Restriction 0.3 kPa (1.2 in H2O)
  • Rated Flow Rate of 12 ft 3/min or 340 L/min
  • The replacement Filter for this kit is the Fleetguard CV50633    

The Fleetguard CV50633 Crankcase Ventilation Filter cross-reference:

  • Cummins 4312011

This Cummins Filtration Closed Crankcase Ventilation System benefits:

  • Reduces Emissions produced from Blow-By
  • Reduces Oil Consumption
  • Help prevent engine compartment contamination from oil mist, drips, and fumes.
  • Eliminates 100% of your engine compartment fumes.
  • This engine upgrade is an OEM-approved closed crankcase ventilation kit.
  • It enables you to upgrade an older engine to current engine requirements.
  • Captured engine oil drains back to the engine's sump.

Crankcase Filtration Kit CV50638 Service Intervals:

  • For stationery-powered applications, transit buses, refuse trucks, and on-highway applications, the CV50638 filter should be replaced every 1000 hours.
  • The CV50638 filter should be replaced once per year or every 1500 hours for school buses.
  • The replacement filter element for this kit is the Fleetguard CV50633 Filter Element.

 NOTE: Installation of this Closed Crankcase Ventilation Retrofit Kit may require you to purchase additional hardware for your diesel engine. Installation of the CV50638 CCV Coalescing Filter Assembly may produce a slight pressure increase in the crankcase engine across the system’s blow-by-flow capacity range.

  • by KLM Performance
  • EngineMost Diesel Engines Up To 11.0L Displacement
  • Item Number: Fleetguard CV50638
  • Make
  • Model :
  • Year :
  • Manufacturer Part No: CV50638
  • Product Application: Most Diesel Engines Up To 11.0L Displacement
  • Height: 8
  • Width: 12
  • Brand: Fleetguard
  • FAQ: What does this Fleetguard CV50638 Crankcase Ventilation Filter Retrofit Kit  Do? This kit provides a means to install a closed crankcase ventilation system on Most Diesel Engines Up To 11.0L Displacement in order to meet the current environmental regulations. This Closed Crankcase Ventilation System controls the air pressure balance between the engine crankcase and atmospheric pressure while processing the accompanying fumes.
  • Part Number: CV50638
  • Manufacturer: Fleetguard -Atmus Filtration 
  • Product Note: This Fleetguard Closed Crankcase Ventilation Retrofit Kit protects the engine and provides the best solution for emissions removal – helping to reduce oil consumption by eliminating mist, aerosol vapors, and oil drip in the engine compartment.

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