Fleetguard FS19768 Fuel Water Separator

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Fuel Filter - Fuel Water Separator Filter

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Diesel Fuel Water Separator Filter For WS80 Filter Head

This Fleetguard diesel fuel water separator filter is an Alternative Replacement Water Separator Filter for the Fuel Air Separation Systems. This premium-grade filter is offered at a lower price point than the privately labeled diesel fuel filters.

This Fleetguard FS19678 fuel water separator filter benefits:

  • Removes the entrained water only from your diesel fuel
  • Filters to a 140 Micron Level.
  • Contains an integrated drain valve assembly.
  • The filter includes new O-Ring Seals
  • Offered as a direct replacement filter for the WS80 Fuel Preporator systems.
  • High efficiency, long-lasting drainable diesel fuel filter.
  • Advanced filtration media prevents water-related corrosion.
  • High quality Fleetguard filters ensure a clean fuel injection system.

FS19768 Diesel Fuel Water Separator Filter Specifications:

Overall Height 141.73 mm (5.58 in)
Largest OD 76.71 mm (3.02 in)
Seam OD 76.68 mm (3.019 in)
Gasket OD 70.10 mm (2.72 in)
GASKET INSIDE DIAMETER 62.48 mm (2.46 in)
Thread Size 3/4-16 UNF-2B
Standpipe NO
MICRON RATING BY SAE J 1985 140 micron


Fleetguard FS19768 Diesel Water Separator Filter applications:

  • Fleetguard WS80 Filter Head

Fleetguard FS19768 filter cross-references:

  • Cummins C6003117480
  • Fuel Preporator WS80
  •  HB5Z14A005A

Designed to remove free and coarse water from your diesel fuel at a 140 Micron level, this Fleetguard FS19768 filter is offered as an alternative for the WS80 filter head. The Fleetguard FS19768 Water Separator Filter meets today's high-pressure fuel systems requirements for entrained water separation that causes injector tips to wear out prematurely. Installation is simple and will be leak-free with the included replacement seals.

KLM Performance recommends regularly draining this Fleetguard diesel fuel water separator filter to remove the water contained within this filter. Periodically removing the water from this Fleetguard water separator filter will help to prevent freeze-ups in your vehicle fuel system during the winter months. KLM Performance recommends keeping a spare set of Replacement Filters in your truck at all times.

NOTE: For a superior filter with 10 Micron Water Removal, please see the FS19594

The Fleetguard Replacement Water Separator Filter is MADE IN THE USA!

  • by KLM Performance
  • Engine :N/A
  • Flow Rate: 95 to 260 GPH
  • Fuel Type: Diesel Fuel
  • Filter Type: Fuel Water Separator Filter
  • Filtration Level: One hundred forty micron
  • Item Number: Fleetguasrd FS19768
  • Manufacturer Part No: FS19768
  • Product Application: Fuel Water Separator WS80 Filter Head
  • Height: 4
  • Width : 8
  • Brand: Fleetguard
  • FAQ: How often should I drain this diesel fuel water separator filter? This water separator filter drain interval is dependent upon two significant factors. The quality of the diesel fuel consumed and the vehicle use cycle. The more you drive the vehicle, the more this filter needs to be drained. Frequent drain intervals ensure the effective removal of water within the filter, resulting in trouble-free operation.
  • Part Number: FS19768
  • Manufacturer: Fleetguard - Cummins Filtration
  • Product Note: This Fleetguard diesel fuel water separator filter removes both entrained and emulsified water from your diesel fuel.

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