Fleetguard LF9009 Stratapore Oil Filter Three Pack

Fleetguard Cummins Filtration

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Cummins ISC 8.3L & ISL 9.0L, ISM, N14, QSL Oil Filter

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Cummins 3401544 Staratapore Oil Filter - Fleetguard LF9009 Lube Filter Replacement Oil Filter

The Fleetguard Cummins Filtration LF9009 Lubrication Filter Three pack Contains:

  • Three Fleetguard LF9009 Stratapore Oil Filters

Fleetguard LF9009 Spin-On Oil Filter Applications:

  • Cummins ISC 8.3L series diesel engines
  • Cummins ISL 9.0L series diesel engines
  • Cummins ISM diesel engines
  • Cummins N14 Command Series diesel engines
  • Cummins N14 Plus diesel engines
  • Cummins QSL 9.0L diesel engines
  • Cummins NTA 855 diesel engines
  • Cummins M 11 diesel engines

This Fleetguard Cummins Replacement Oil Filter is a Venturi Combo Lubrication Filter with the Stratapore media. The Lubrication Filter by Fleetguard known as the LF9009 is approved by Cummins for Extended Service Intervals.

The Fleetguard Cummins Filtration Lubrication Filter LF9009 cross-references.  

  • Fleetguard TECXLF7000
  • Fleetguard XLF7000
  • Fleetguard LF3000
  • Cummins 3401544
  • John Deere AT 193242
  • Sisu 1216400561
  • NAPA 7500
  • WIX 51748XD
  • BALDWIN BD7309
  • NAPA 7500
  • WIX 51748XD
  • DAEWOO 474-00023
  • Cummins XLF75000
  • CASE 366700A1
  • CARQUEST 85748XD
  • CARQUEST 84500
  • ATLAS COPCO 5580-0066-41
  • AGCO 72516560

This LF9009 Oil Filter is a Cummins replacement oil filter. This Cummins Oil Filter is a Venturi™ Combo Filter that provides high-efficiency filtration for extended oil service intervals while offering class-leading protection to the engine and components. Constructed with a Full-Flow plus Stacked Disc design delivers optimum performance and reliable operation, maximizing equipment operating time and lowering costs.

This Fleetguard LF9009 Cummins ISC 8.3L / ISL 9.0L Oil Filter Features:

  • The patented StrataPore™ Media with gradient density.
  • Oil Filter provides high efficiency.
  • The filter provides minimal cold start restriction.
  • Stratapore filter media offers a High capacity for oil contaminant retention.

      This Fleetguard LF9009 Lube Filter comes with a gasket for the proper leak-free installation.

      Recommended Filter Change Intervals for the LF9009 Oil Filter:

      • Change Interval is 20,000 Miles
      • 500 Hours
      • 6 Months based on use and conditions.

      Fleetguard LF9009 Lube Filter Specifications:

      • Overall Height 301.76 mm  or 11.88 in
      • The largest O.D. is 118.31 mm  or 4.658 in
      • Seam O.D. 118.87 mm or 4.68 in
      • Gasket O.D. 118.87 mm or 4.68 in)
      • Gasket Diameter  101.85 mm  or 4.01 in
      • Thread Size 2 1/4-12
      • UNS-2B Standpipe NO
      • Filter Efficiency of 30 Microns, TWA 98.7 %
      • by KLM Performance
      • Engine : 8.3L Cummins | 9.0L Cummins | ISC Cummins  | ISL Cummins | N14 Cummins | NTA 855 Cummins | QSC Cummins | M11 Cummins
      • Filtration Level: 30 Microns at a 98.7 efficiency rating.
      • Filter Type: Spin-On Lubrication Filter
      • Item Number: Fleetguard LF9009
      • Make:  Cummins
      • Model: Diesel
      • Year: 2010 Plus model year engines.
      • Manufacturer Part No: LF9009
      • Product Application: Cummins ISC 8.3L & ISL 9.0L, ISM, N14, QSL engines
      • Height 16
      • Width : 5
      • Brand: Fleetguard
      • FAQ: Does this Cummins Oil Filter work with extended drain intervals? Yes as a Venturi™ Combo Lubrication Filter this high-efficiency filter provides extended oil service intervals with optimum protection to the engine and components. 
      • Part Number: LF9009
      • Manufacturer: Fleetguard - Cummins Filtration
      • Product NoteThis Fleetguard LF9009 Stratapore Oil Filter provides high-efficiency filtration for extended oil service intervals while offering class-leading protection to the engine and components. 

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