Fleetguard WF2077 Coolant System Water Filter

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Fleetguard WF2077 Coolant Filter - Water Filter

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Fleetguard WF2077 Spin On Coolant Filter

This Fleetguard Cummins Filtration WF2077 is a water filter designed for use in your engine cooling systems to remove harmful contaminants. The WF2077 is classified as a Spin On, Non-Chemical Additive filter. This cooling system filters for use with Supplemental Cooling System Additives. Replace any coolant lost with an approved Heavy Duty coolant. This Fleetguard WF2077 does not contain does not include SCA, DCA2, or DCA4 diesel coolant additive your engine may require.

This Fleetguard Cummins Filtration Cooling system engine coolant filter is a direct replacement for the Sinister Filtration Kits

The WF2077 Water Filter Dimensions:

  • Overall Height: 137.34 mm or 5.407 in
  • Largest Outside Diameter: 95.25 mm  or 3.75 in
  • Thread Size: 11/16-16 UN-2B

Fleetguard Cummins Filtration Coolant Filter WF2077 recommendations:

  • Use The OEM Recommended Cummins Standard Service Intervals For Filter Replacement.
  • Filter Provides Efficient Filtration and Removal of Suspended Harmful Cooling System Contaminants.
  • Filters debris in the engine coolant is a known cause of engine wear.
  • The coolant filter will extend the service life of the water pump and thermostat. 

Engine Series Applications for the WF2077 coolant filter:

  • CAT C7, 3126E, 3126, C12, C15, C16, 3176
  • Cummins ISB, QSK 19, ISM, L10, M11, ISX, N14, ISM, ISC8.3
  • Detroit Diesel Series 60, Series 55, LNG
  • Ford 201, 201 Gas, 256, 256 Diesel, 268
  • Hino H06C-TN

Physical Dimensions of the Fleetguard WF2077 Coolant Filter:

  • Largest OD: 95.25 mm or 3.75."
  • Overall Height: 137.31 mm  or 5.406."
  • Thread Size: 11/16-16 UN-2B
  • None Chemical Additive Filter

Fleetguard WF2077 Coolant Filter Cross References:

  • Alliance ABPN10GWF2077
  • Baldwin B-5134
  • Big A 96045
  • Big A 96070
  • Buhler 86031985
  • Carquest 89070
  • Caterpillar 9Y-4528
  • Crosland 7703
  • DAF 1296929
  • Detroit Diesel 23524403
  • Donaldson CFP55466
  • Donaldson P554685
  • Napa 4045
  • Purolator 57499162
  • Cummins 3827423
  • Ford EGNN8A424BA
  • John Deere RE-11992
  • Luber-Finer LFW4685
  • Navistar 1610682C91
  • Wix 24045

Fleetguard Cummins Filtration Water Filter WF2077 supersedes:

  • Fleetguard WF2064

The Fleetguard WF2077 cooling system filter must be changed as per your engine manufacturer's recommendations. The regular servicing of this important engine coolant filter will help ensure the extended operational life of your engine. KLM performance offers quantity discounts on all filters purchased.

Please see this page for additional information requiring the coolant filters.

Please note that due to the current economic policies, supply chain issues, and other government regulations availability of all products is limited. We apologize for the current dilemma facing the U.S. Economy.

  • by KLM Performance
  • Engine : CAT C7 | CAT 3126E | CAT 3126 | CAT C12 | CAT C15 | CAT C16 | CAT 3176 | Cummins ISB | Cummins QSK 19 | Cummins ISM | Cummins L10 | Cummins M11 | Cummins ISX | Cummins N14 | Cummins ISM | Cummins ISC8.3 | Detroit Diesel Series 60 | Detroit Diesel Series 55 | Detroit LNG Engines | Ford 201 | Ford  201 Gas Ford | Ford 256 Diesel | Ford 268 | Hino H06C-TN
  • Flow Rate :
  • Item Number: Fleetguard WF2077
  • Make N/A
  • Model: N/A
  • Year: N/A
  • Manufacturer Part No: WF2077
  • Product Application: Water Filter For Engine Cooling System Applications
  • Height: 4
  • Width : 8
  • Brand: Fleetguard
  • FAQ: Why is the Coolant Filter So important? The use of the Fleetguard WF2007 Coolant Water filtration is proven to reduce wear and maintain effective heat transfer engines using extended coolant service intervals. 
  • Part Number: Fleetguard WF2077
  • Manufacturer: Fleetguard - Cummins Filtration
  • Product Note: This Fleetguard WF2077 Water Filter is classified as a Non-Chemical Filter designed to provide engine coolant filtration for the protection of your cooling system as the Standard Service Filters but without chemical additives.

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