Fleetguard WF2121 Extended Service Coolant Filter

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Fleetguard Cummins Filtration WF2121 Coolant Filter - Water Filter

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Fleetguard WF2121 Extended Service Coolant Filter / Water Filter

The Fleetguard WF2121 is an OEM-grade coolant system filter designed to help protect your engine from potential contaminants and other debris. With an effective micron rating of 2, it ensures maximum filtration efficiency and long-lasting performance. The Fleetguard® WF2121 DCA4 engine coolant water filters with chemicals for coolant system protection provide filtration and additive reinhibition. DCA4 water filters are designed for use with ES Compleat or similar coolant technology. The Fleetguard® WF2121DCA4 engine coolant water filter does contain a chemical additive DCA4+

This Fleetguard WF2121 is a spin-on water filter designed to remove harmful contaminants from your engine's cooling systems. It is classified as a Spin-on Chemical Additive filter. This cooling system filter is for use with Supplemental Cooling System Additives. Replace any lost coolant with an approved heavy-duty coolant. 

The WF21211 Water Filter Dimensions:

  • Overall Height: 5.44 Inches or 138.18 MM
  • Largest Outside Diameter: 3.69 Inches or 93.73 MM
  • Seam Outside Diameter: 3.68 Inches or 93.47 MM
  • Gasket Outside Diameter: 2.835 Inches or 72.01 MM
  • Gasket Inside Diameter: 2.462 Inches or 62.53 MM
  • Thread Size: 11/16-16 UN-2B
  • Chemical Additive:  DCA4+ Pellet

Fleetguard Coolant Filter WF2121 recommendations:

  • Use The OEM Recommended Standard Service Intervals For Filter Replacement.
  • A Coolant Filter Provides Efficient Filtration and Removal of Suspended Harmful Cooling System Contaminants.
  • The installation of an extended service life filter will Improve the performance and extend the coolant service life.
  • Water filtration is proven to reduce wear and improve the effective heat transfer capabilities of your engine's cooling system by maintaining the proper additive levels. 

      Fleetguard WF2121 Coolant System Filter Cross Reference:

        • Baldwin BW5250
        • Big A 96082
        • CARQUEST 89082
        • Caterpillar 2035593
        • Cummins 3098688
        • Cummins XWF4242
        • Donaldson DBC4088
        • Donaldson ECF4088
        • Hyundai 11ND70211
        • LUBER-FINER LFW22131
        • Mack 5839WF2121
        • Mann-Filter WA9001
        • NAPA 4082
        • New Flyer Co. 115657
        • Penray NF2088SM
        • Prevost 55099
        • Volvo 3093318
        • Volvo VOE3093318
        • Wix 24082
        • Wix 524082

          Fleetguard Cummins Filtration Coolant System, Water Filter WF2121 Spin-On Filter with DCA4+ Additive, supersedes:

          • Fleetguard WF2064

          The Fleetguard WF21211 cooling system filter must be changed as per your engine manufacturer's recommendations. The Fleetguard WF2121 DCA4 engine coolant water filter contains a chemical additive DCA4+. Regular servicing of this important engine filter will help ensure the extended operational life of your engine. KLM performance offers quantity discounts on all filters purchased when you order three or more filters.

          Please see this page for additional information requiring the coolant filters.

          • by KLM Performance
          • Engine : Cummins 8.3L | Cummins ISC8.3 | Cummins ISL | Cummins ISL G 8.9 | Cummins ISL9 | Cummins ISM | Cummins ISM02 | Cummins ISM07 | Cummins ISM11 | Cummins ISL | Cummins ISX15 | Cummins QSX11.9 | Cummins QSX15
          • Coolant Chemical Additive: DCA4+
          • Filter Type: Spin On Coolant Filter
          • Filter Media: Spin On Coolant Filter
          • Filtration Level: Fourty Microns
          • Item Number:  WF2121
          • Make Autocar LLC | Cummins | Hyundai International |Kenworth | Oshkosh Motor Truck Co. Paccar | Peterbilt | Western Star 
          • Model: N/A
          • Year : 2005 | 2006 | 2007 | 2008 | 2009 | 2010 | 2011 | 2012 | 2013 | 2014 | 2015 | 2016 | 2017 | 2018 | 2019 | 2020 | 2021 | 2022 
          • Manufacturer Part No: WF2121
          • Product Application: Water Filter For Cummins and International Engine Cooling System Applications
          • Height: 4
          • Width: 8
          • Brand: Fleetguard
          • FAQ: What is the recommended change interval for Fleetguard Cummins Filtration WF2121Coolant filter? Fleetguard Cummins Filtration recommends the replacement of your Extended Service Interval Filters are recommended for use up to one year, 150,000 miles, Two hundred fifty thousand kilometers, or 4000 hours (whichever comes first. The change of this filter is part of a preventative maintenance plan to ensure the engine is running at the optimal performance level and keeps you on the road, making money. Your diesel engine's use of a closed coolant system and removing and capturing all particulate matter is required to keep your engine running.
          • Does the Fleetguard® WF21211 DCA4 engine coolant water filter contain an additive, or do I need to add it? The Fleetguard® WF2121DCA4 engine coolant water filter contains the chemical additive DCA4+. This means you do not need to add it separately, as the filter already includes the necessary chemical additive for coolant system protection. It’s designed to help protect the engine from potential contaminants and debris, and it also provides additive reinhibition. Always ensure that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the best results and maintain the warranty. If you have any further questions or concerns, it’s a good idea to consult the product manual or contact the manufacturer directly.
          • Part Number: Fleetguard WF2071
          • Manufacturer: Fleetguard Cummins Filtration
          • Product Note: This Fleetguard WF2071 spin-on Extended Service Interval Coolant Filter does contain the DCA4 diesel coolant additive your engine may require. Please ensure that this is the correct coolant filter for your engine prior to placing an order extended service interval coolant filter.

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