International 1830838C91 T444E Oil Pan


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1994 to 2003 International T444E Diesel Engine Replacement Oil Pan

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International 1830838C91 T444E Diesel Engine Oil Pan


The Navistar 1830838C91 Replacement Oil Pan is for the following applications:

  • International 3000 bus chassis
  • International 3400 bus chassis
  • International 3600 bus chassis
  • International 3700 bus chassis
  • International 3800 bus chassis
  • International 4700 cab and chassis
  • International 4900 cab and chassis

A superior American Made aftermarket Navistar Replacement Oil Pan for 1994 to 2003 International T444E Diesel Engine is now available!

Until now there has never been a High Quality Aftermarket Oil Pan available for the Navistar International 1830838C91 T444E diesel engine. Moroso Performance Products has designed and developed a high quality oil pan to solve the constant problem of rusting and rotting oil pans on the International T444E diesel engines. Moroso has designed and built a superior oil pan for the International T444E engine using thicker gauge steel than the OEM pan and a triple-plating process on the interior and exterior of the oil pan to ensure a long life. The worries that you will have to replace the International 1830838C91 T444E engines Oil Pan are now put to rest upon installation of this superior Moroso oil pan.

This International 1830838C91 Moroso Triple Coating protection process on the 27264 Replacement Oil Pan Specifications:

  • Strip and remove all mill scale and residue
  • Apply a superior Zinc Phosphate Coating
  • Use a 1-mil thick Electrocoat
  • Use a Gloss Black Epoxy Powder Coat
  • Designed to end internal and external corrosion once and for all!

    Navistar 1830838C91 T444E Diesel Engine Oil Pan features:

    • Thicker Gauge Steel
    • A notch in front for proper cross member clearance
    • Dipstick Provision
    • Bolt Holes are surrounded with steel inserts to ensure against over-tightening
    • Internal O.E.M. style anti-slosh baffle to keep oil contained in the oil pickup area
    • Includes a Magnetic drain plug
    • 18 Quart Capacity
    • Interior O.E.M. style anti-slosh baffle keeps oil contained in the oil pickup area
    • This highly effective Triple Coating process has been perfected by Moroso after years of experience to ensure its durability under all kinds of environmental conditions.
    • Proven in one of the world's largest delivery fleets as a practical and time-saving way to end the problems of a corroding oil pan.
    • This replacement oil pan is a superior direct bolt-on for International T444E diesel engines.
    • Designed as a direct replacement for the 1830838C91 oil pan.

    Moroso 27264 Replacement Oil Pan for the International T444E 7.3L V8 Diesel is MADE IN THE USA!

    • by KLM Performance
    • Engine : T444E
    • Item Number: Moroso 27264
    • Make : International
    • Model : 3000 bus chassis | 3400 bus chassis | 3600 bus chassis | 3700 bus chassis | 3800 bus chassis | 4700 cab/chassis | 4900 cab/chassis 
    • Year : 1994 | 1995 | 1996 | 1997 | 1998 | 1998.5 | 1999 | 2000 | 2001 | 2002 | 2003
    • Manufacturer Part No: 27264
    • Product Application: 1994 to 2003 Navistar International T444E Diesel Engine
    • Height: 12
    • Width : 12
    • Brand: Moroso
    • FAQ: What is so special about this oil pan? This oil pan stops the corrosion that affects the oil pan on the engine. The unique triple plated oil pan prevents the internal and external corrosion that leads to you now having to change the oil pan.
    • Part Number : 27264
    • Manufacturer: Moroso
    • Product Note: This is an American Made Heavy Duty Replacement Oil Pan is designed to solve your 1994 to 2003 Navistar International T444E Diesel Engine oil pan is designed to end internal and external corrosion once issues once and for all!

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