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The Importance of Using Cummins/Fleetguard's Crankcase Ventfilter Products

Feb 23, 2022

Why You Should Purchase a Name-Brand Crankcase Vent Filtration Products for Your Truck

Low-quality, off-brand crankcase ventilation filters often contain cheap polypropylene that melts when placed under extreme temperatures.
When the materials melt, it eliminates efficiency, and melting material can lead to clogs in the drain line or block other connections.
This can lead to catastrophic engine failure.
Off-brand crankcase vent filters could breach emissions standards and cause potential leaks and oil drips.

Cummins's Fleetguard filtration crankcase vent filters are made of a durable polymer blend, which allows for greater efficiency and withholding against higher temperatures.

Fleetguard Filtration by Cummins' patented crankcase vent filter products help to control oil drip and emissions in diesel engines, dramatically cuts down emissions. This keeps turbochargers and heat exchangers clean while optimizing performance.

Only the most advanced crankcase ventilation filtration products like Fleetguard can remove the oil aerosol particles typically found in diesel engine blow-by.


Checkout Fleetguard's Crankcase Vent Filtration Products sold by KLM Performance: 

07-22 6.7L Cummins Crankcase Ventilation Filter CV52001 CCV

2007.5 to 2022 Dodge Ram 6.7L Cummins Oil Service Pack

Fleetguard CV50626 Crankcase Ventilation Filter

Fleetguard CV50628 Crankcase Ventilation Filter

Fleetguard CV50633 Crankcase Ventilation Filter

Fleetguard CV50634 Crankcase Ventilation Filter

Fleetguard CV50638 Crankcase Ventilation Filter Retrofit Kit

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