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ARP Ford Powerstroke Diesel Main Studs

Ford Powerstroke Diesel Main Stud Kits

ARP Ford Diesel Main Stud Kits are a Performance Upgrade. Installing your Powerstroke Diesel main caps and girdle with high strength ARP main studs offer superior protection of your motors lower end. Remove the old weak factory hardware with ARP High-Performance Series Main Studs which are hardened to a tensile strength of 190,000 psi to provide superior strength for long-lasting performance. ARP Fasteners are ideal for high performance street and track Super Duty Trucks.

The use of  an ARP Ford Diesel Main Stud Kit offers the following benefits;

  • ARP Main Studs protect the threads in your engine block.
  • Main Studs provide more accurate torque readings because main studs do not twist into the engine block.
  • Main Studs produce clamping forces which are on one axis.
  • Less force exerted on the block threads which contributes to improved engine block life.
  • Using a precision-made main stud allows for easier engine assembly.
  • Main Studs ensure the proper aliment of the main caps.
  • Main Studs do not allow the main cap to move.

KLM Performance offers these Ford Powerstroke ARP Main Stud Kits for your turbo diesel engine:

All of the ARP Main Studs are MADE IN THE USA!

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NOTE: If the Factory Seal Is broken on the ARP Main Studs they are no longer returnable.

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