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Intake Air Temperature Sensor - IAT Sensor

Intake Air Temperature Sensor

Intake Air Temperature Sensor - IAT Sensor

The Intake Air Temperature Sensor determines the resistance changes in response to the air temperature readings.

The Intake Air Temperature (IAT) sensor calculates resistance changes in response to the intake air temperature. The Intake Air Temperature / IAT sensor measures the temperature of the air charge in the intake manifold. The ECM uses the data taken by the IAT sensor to set fuel injection timing and adjust the air-fuel ratio. Diesel engines with exhaust brakes are prone to IAT sensor fouling. Intake Air Temperature sensor fouling is due to combustion soot blowback taking place during the intake during valve overlap. The sensor resistance decreases as the surrounding air temperature increases. The IAT sensor provides a signal to the Power Control Module to determine the temperature of the incoming air charge. The following symptoms can be related to a faulty IAT sensor due to loose connections, bad ground, high resistance in the circuit, or opens in the circuit.

Faulty Intake Air Temperature Sensor Symptoms:

  • Extended engine crank time
  • Decreased cold engine start performance
  • Reduced fuel economy

Your intake Air Temperature Sensor is also known as:

  • IAT Sensor
  • Intake Sensor
  • Ambient Air Temperature Sensor

If your diesel engine performance has declined, it could be a dirty IAT Sensor. We recommend trying to clean your intake air temperature sensor to increase engine performance before replacement. It can improve the fuel mileage and power output of your engine. We have found that after a thorough cleaning.

These are a few of the possible improvements you will see when a new IAT Sensor is installed:

  • Performance improvements in the overall engine performance.
  • A reduction in exhaust gas temperatures.
  • Increased fuel economy, and power after cleaning carbon from the IAT sensor.
  • It can restore the engine's previous power and fuel economy output levels.

The Intake Air Temperature Sensor is also referred to as an Ambient Temperature Sensor in most diesel engines.

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