Dodge Ram Steering Stabilizer Shocks

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Dodge Ram Steering Stabilizer Shocks

Replacement Steering Dampers for the Dodge Ram trucks.

Replacing or upgrading your OEM steering stabilizer shock is an easy way to get increased steering response and improved vehicle control. The Dodge Ram trucks are equipped with a single Steering Damper for a good reason from the factory.  Your Ram Trucks steering stabilizer shock is a hydraulic device that is quite similar to a shock absorber.  The Dodge Ram steering damper shock absorber is attached to the steering linkage and damps out the unwanted movement of the steering wheel due to road imperfections.

Why do I need to replace the Steering Stabilizer Shock on my Dodge Ram truck?

The steering damper is a wear item that needs replacement due to the age and the miles that have accumulated. As time goes on the steering damper shock losses it overall responsiveness and the dampening of the management system decreases. If you have installed larger tires or added a suspension system, the factory steering system is now being affected. If you are getting more unwanted feedback in the steering wheel it is now time to look at a new steering damper shock. KLM Performance recommends replacing the steering damper or steering stabilizer at the same time you are replacing worn front end components like your Steering Linkage assembly.

These monotube steering dampers can be installed with ease on your Dodge Ram truck. These steering dampers will replace the OEM stabilizer on your 2000 to 2014 Dodge Ram trucks as direct bolt-on replacement parts.