Dodge Ram Upgraded T-Style Steering Linkage

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Dodge Ram Upgraded T-Style Steering Linkage

KLM Performance offers these Dodge Ram Power Steering Upgrade Kits and Components.

Mopar 2009 T-Style Steering Linkage Upgrade Kit.

These T Style Steering Linkage Upgrade Kits are available for the following Dodge Ram trucks:

The Upgraded Dodge Ram 4x4 Steering Linkage benefits:

  • This is Dodge's solution to the problem that doesn't exist.
  • This new Dodge steering linkage connects the front wheels together eliminating independent toe in and out.
  • Reduces wear on the front tires.
  • Dramatically reduces your chance of experiencing death wobble!
  • Will make your front end feel much tighter and more responsive by replacing all components one step.
  • This T-style system uses a straight tie rod to connect the steering knuckles together.
  • Synergy Manufacturing has now also designed an improved Dodge Ram steering linkage kit with greaseable joints for improved durability.

This Mopar 2009 Dodge Ram Steering Linkage Upgrade Kit changes the front end steering linkage from the Y Style to the new stronger and improved T Style steering linkage design. The new and improved T-Style linkage is found in the 2009 and up models. KLM Performance sells this steering upgrade as a complete kit with all of the required components for a safe installation. KLM Performance Inc. sells the very latest and most current version of this Dodge Ram steering upgrade kit. These new T-Style Steering Linkage Upgrade Kits are not affected by any of the current recalls implemented on these parts by Fiat Chrysler or the Stelantis Group!

KLM Performance recommends you verify the part numbers listed on the product pages of the other sellers as defective units are being sold.

NOTE: Installation of this kit on the 2000 to 2002 Dodge Ram trucks requires the use of a different rod end for installation. KLM Performance sells this kit with these parts included for a safe installation. We strongly recommend following the listed torque specs when installing this upgrade to your Dodge Ram truck.