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Inline Fuel Strainers

Diesel and Gasoline In-Line Fuel Filters, Pre-Filters or Fuel Strainers

These in-line Fuel Strainers are designed for implementation into your 3/8" or 1/2" fuel lines.

The Inline Fuel Strainer removes the suspended sediment from the fuel supply to prevent damage to your fuel pump. These replacement filters are a maintenance item that needs to be changed on a regular basis to ensure the correct flow of fuel to your fuel pump and engine. These elements are required on all FASS Fuel Pumps within line Pre-Filters.

KLM Performance offers a quantity discount on these FASS replacement filters. If you are now noticing a drop in fuel pressure, KLM Performance recommends changing this filter. These inline pre-filter elements are approved for use with both Gasoline and Diesel Fuel.

These Fleetguard fuel strainers have a 24-micron stainless mesh inner cage and a 13-gram holding capacity for debris. These are a high-flow filter element and will not restrict supply to your fuel pump. The filters are designed for inlet side fuel filtration only. Please do not confuse a fuel strainer with a fuel filter element. Don't confuse this strainer with a standard inline fuel filter.

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