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MAP Sensor

Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor - MAP Sensor

The MAP or manifold absolute pressure sensor is used in a fuel-injected motor to monitor the manifold pressure at all times of engine operation. The MAP sensor transmits data to the Engine Control Unit - ECM for optimum engine performance. This manifold absolute pressure sensor is just one of the many different sensors used in today's modern diesel engines. 

The MAP or Manifold Absolute Pressure sensor has 5-volt reference and ground inputs and in turn, outputs a voltage signal between 0 and 5 volts depending on the pressure it senses.  This sensor is responsible for measuring the pressure in the intake manifold about atmospheric pressure.  When the pressure it senses is lower than atmospheric pressure (vacuum), the sensor will output a lower voltage.  As the pressure it senses rises to match atmospheric pressure (vacuum drops), the voltage output of this sensor rises.  This sensor also doubles as a barometric pressure sensor.  When you turn the key on before starting the engine, the ECM takes the reading from the MAP sensor and uses that to calculate barometric pressure. The ECM uses barometric pressure as the basis for calculating fuel and spark delivery to the engine.

Diesel engines use the MAP sensor as an aid to control fuel injection precisely for the best engine performance possible based on the current conditions. The MAP sensor or Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor continuously monitors the air intake system pressure readings and then transmits this data to the ECU. The manifold absolute pressure sensor transmits data which is used to calculate:

  • Air density
  • Mass Air Flow Rate 
  • Optimum combustion
  • Advanced or Retarding Injection Timing

Below is a list of warning signs associated with a failed MAP Sensor:

  • Poor engine performance by getting the incorrect amount of fuel to the engine
  • Dark black exhaust smoke
  • Decrease level of turbo boost
  • Poor Engine Performance
  • Incorrect Air Fuel Mixture
  • Improper Boost Pressure
  • Turbo Lag

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