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KLM Performance

FASS FL-1002

FASS 1/2" FASS Fuel Line

FASS Replacement Fuel Line For your FASS Fuel System or Fuel Pump

KLM Performance has the FASS 1/2" Fuel Line available on a per-foot basis. This FASS FL-1002 is  In Stock and Ready to Ship!

Replacement Fuel Line for your FASS Diesel Fuel Pump Specifications:

  • FASS FL-1002 1/2" I.D. Push-Loc Replacement Fuel Line
  • FASS Fuel Systems Push-Loc Fuel Lines are presented with measurements taken as the Inside Diameter of the fuel lines.

FASS Replacement Fuel Line sold on a Per Foot basis so order exactly what you need. loop for easy replacement of your existing FASS Fuel Line. With the ability to order on a per foot section you will be able to replace all of your existing lines no matter how you have it routed on your vehicle. Please make sure you select the correct length of the push loc fuel line you need. This is a special order item and cannot be returned for exchange or credit.

FASS FL-1002 1/2" I.D. Replacement Diesel Fuel Line used on the following FASS Fuel Systems or Pumps.

  • FASS Adjustable Fuel Pumps
  • FASS Titanium Series Pumps
  • FASS Titanium Signature Series Pumps
  • FASS Versatile Series Pumps
  • FASS Adjustable Fuel Pumps

The following is an outline of the required lengths of the FASS replacement line needed for your vehicle.

  • The FASS Systems on the Dodge Trucks require 17 feet of FASS Fuel Line.
  • The FASS Systems on the Ford Trucks need 20 feet of FASS Fuel Line.
  • The FASS Systems on the Chevy and GM Trucks need 20 feet of FASS Fuel Line.

This FASS FL Series Push Loc Fuel Line measured by the inside diameter of the fuel line.

  • FL-1002 is 1/2" I.D. - Inside Diameter fuel line.

The FASS FL-1002 Fuel Line isMADE IN THE USA!

NOTE:Your FASS Fuel System comes with fittings that are matched to the appropriately sized fuel lines used on your diesel fuel pump. If your current fuel line is now cracking or checking it is time to replace your FASS fuel line. The FASS replacement fuel line is sized to your pump and the appropriate fittings. Please make sure you have chosen the correct size FASS fuel line for your FASS Lift Pump! Please remember that based upon the installation of your FASS lift pump you may need an additional length of fuel line to meet your requirements.

NOTE: The FASS FL-1002 1/2" I.D. Push-Loc Replacement Fuel Line is a special order item that cannot be returned for Credit or a Refund. Please make use of the correct fuel line required for your FASS lift pump.

KLM Performance Inc offers the FASS Fuel Systems Push-Loc FL-1002 diesel fuel line which is available in two different inner diameters. The fuel line sizes are based upon the model year of your FASS lift pump and the size of the fitting your fuel pump was built with. Each FASS fuel line is sized to your FASS lift pump and the push lok fittings for the correct fit and fuel delivery rate. 

ThisFASS Push Loc Fuel Line is considered a wear item that needs to be regularly inspected for wear or degradation. Please check the size of the FASS fuel line to ensure you order the correctly sized replacement fuel line for your FASS fuel pump.

This replacement fuel line is made by Parker and does not have the FASS private label on the exterior of the fuel line. 

This FASS Fuel System FL-1002-25 1/2 Push-Lok Fuel Line that Sold individually on a Foot Length Basis is an American Made product.

  • Engine: All Diesel Engines With a FASS Lift Pump
  • Flow Rate: 95 GPH to 290 GPH
  • Item Number: FASS FL-1002
  • Fuel Line Size: 1/2" Inside Diameter Fuel Line
  • Model: All FASS Lift Pumps
  • Manufacturer Part No: FASS FL-1002
  • Product Application: All FASS Fuel Lift Pumps
  • Height: 4
  • Width: 10
  • Brand: Parker
  • FAQ: Can I upgrade my 3/8th Inch I.D. fuel line to the 1/2" I.D. Fuel Lines? Yes, this can be done to improve fuel flow with the installation of new one-half-inch fittings on your FASS lift pump.
  • Part Number: FASS FL-1002

Product Note: This replacement FASS lift pump push-loc fuel line is sold on a per-foot basis so order exactly what you require to replace your fuel line.

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