FASS 150 Filter Set 3 Micron

FASS HD, 150, And Versatile Series Fuel Air Separation System Replacement Three Micron Fuel Filter Set

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FASS 150 Series Lift Pump Three Micron Replacement Diesel Fuel Filter Set

This FASS 150 Series Lift Pump 3 Micron Filter Set is designed to provide better filtration of fuel and water than your vehicle's factory setup. It includes a 3-micron fuel filter and a 10-micron water separator filter which Fleetguard certified and built to last.

KLM Performance stocks all of the Replacement FASS diesel fuel filters and FASS Water Separators for the FASS Fuel Air Separation System Lift Pumps.

As of 1/29/20, the FASS FF-1003 is no longer available from FASS. KLM Performance now offers this set of Premium Grade Three Micron Diesel Fuel filters as a means to support our customers who use this FASS lift pump.


  • One FASS FF-1003 Fuel Filter 3 Micron replacement fuel filter. As of 1/29/20, the FF-1003 is no longer available from FASS.
  • One Fleetguard FS1001 Water Separator 10 Micron replacement water separator filter. As of 1/29/20, the FF-1003 is no longer available from FASS.

This FASS 150 Three Micron Replacement Diesel Fuel Filter Set works on the following FASS Fuel Systems:

  •  FASS 150 Series Lift Pumps
  •  FASS HD Series Lift Pumps
  •  FASS Versatile Series Lift pumps.

The supply of Clean, uncontaminated fuel is key to maximum fuel system performance and longevity for modern diesel engines. Without high-quality fuel filtration and regularly scheduled service, fuel contamination can lead to costly repairs and engine downtime. A fuel cleanliness study found that more than 50% of fuel used worldwide does not meet the suggested industry cleanliness levels. Fuel injection system suppliers today require that fuel entering the fuel injection system have ISO cleanliness levels as low as 11/8/3*. This FASS 150 Series Replacement Diesel Fuel Filter Set with the FASS FF-1003 and FS-1001 filters ensures the supply of clean fuel to your fuel injection system by removing the suspended contaminants and water-effective fuel/water separation with high quality. Filtration reduces component wear and creates optimized fuel atomization and engine power.

FASS 150 Filter Set 3 Micron Replacement Fuel Filter Change intervals are between 15,000 to 30,000 miles based on Fuel Quality. In addition, using Bio-Diesel, Vegetable Oil, and Blended Fuels can significantly reduce the life expectancy of your FASS 3 Micron fuel filters. 

KLM Performance strongly recommends keeping a spare FASS set of replacement filters in your truck. Having an extra set of filters onboard is cheaper than calling for a tow.

FASS has now discontinued the FASS FF-1003. KLM Performance supports our customers with this replacement diesel fuel filter that offers a 3-micron filtration level to help preserve the integrity of your entire fuel injection system

The FASS FS-1001 has now been discontinued by FASS. KLM Performance will now ship you a Fleetguard FS1001 replacement water separator filter. This FS1001 offers a 10-micron filtration level that removes both the entrained and emulsified water from your diesel fuel. KLM Performance recommends regularly draining the FASS FS1001 water separator filter to remove the water from this water separator filter. By draining this filter, you will increase life expectancy and avoid fuel-related problems.

Periodically removing the water from the FASS FS1001 filter will help to prevent freeze-ups in your vehicle fuel system during the winter months. FASS pumps remove entrained air, water, and fuel contaminants and clean filters are a must. For the best engine performance possible, please remember to change your FASS filters at regular intervals. FASS Fuel Filter Change intervals are between 15,000 to 30,000 miles based on the quality of the diesel fuel you are using. 

NOTE: Please make sure you have ordered the correct FASS filters for your fuel pump. Once a filter protective seal has been opened it is no longer a returnable item. If you have any questions regarding the filters required for your Fuel Air Separation System please contact us for assistance! Purchasing a second set of these FASS replacement fuel filters is a great way to save on the ever-increasing shipping costs.

FASS 150 Replacement Filter Set - 3 Micron - FASS 150 Filters

  • by KLM Performance
  • Engine : Diesel Engine With a FASS Heavy Duty, FASS HD, FASS 150, and FASS Versatile Systems
  • Flow Rate: 95 to 260 gallons per hour.
  • Fuel Filtration Level: Three Micron
  • Fuel Type: Diesel Fuel
  • Item Number: FASS-HDFS-3
  • Manufacturer Part No: FASS-HDFS-3
  • Product Application: FASS Heavy Duty, FASS HD, FASS 150, and FASS Versatile Systems
  • Height: 4
  • Width: 8
  • Brand: Fleetguard - Atmus Filtration Technologies
  • FAQI thought FASS discontinued these fuel filters. Yes FASS stopped supporting the fuel filters for this series of lift pumps many years ago. KLM Performance offers the alternate set of Replacement Three three-micron rated Diesel Fuel Filters as a Three-micron rated Fuel Filter and One Ten Micron Fuel Water Separator Filter manufactured by Fleetguard. As of 1/29/20, the FF-1003 is no longer available from FASS. So please be aware that KLM Performance is now offering you a replacement diesel fuel filter from Fleetguard that is sold as an HF6604. This is now discontinued Fuel Filter will not be labeled with the FASS markings. so supplies are limited. KLM Performance suggests you purchase multiple quantities before our inventory is depleted. Are these Cummins Filtration replacement diesel fuel filters going to work on my FASS Lift pump? Yes, these are the correct filters required for a filter change on the above-listed FASS lift Pumps.
  • Part Number: FASS HDFS-3 Three-Micron Filter Set 
  • Manufacturer: Fleetguard - Atmus Filtration Technologies
  • Product Note  Sold as a complete 3 Micron replacement Fleetguard replacement filter set for the FASS Heavy Duty, FASS HD, FASS 150, and FASS Versatile Systems that are no longer available.

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